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Replacing an old core 2 duo

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Havn't been shopping and building a PC in awhile so I want to ask for some help.  This is for a second computer in house, the kids (10 and 8) use it for youtube, minecraft,  school stuff like I-ready, etc.  No serious gaming or work.  I was going to just by a prebuilt anything since I am replacing a core2 duo so everything is better than that, but I want to build one with the kids so they can learn how to do it.  It is very old and just starting to fall apart. 

Want to build from ground up so kids can help to learn how to do it.

Any ideas or help be appreciated?


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  • teaching your kids something like this +1
  • read up on ESD (if you need to) and incorporate it

Here is a system I assembled


Please note that I didn't go for the best price with acceptable performance. My thinking was more in the direction of future proofing as your kids are already 8-10 years old and PC gaming looms on the horizon. In that case all you have to do is pop in a decent GPU (atm you 'd use the integrated GPU from the CPU) and they are good to go. That's why I also opted for 16GB instead of 8GB RAM and that 550W PSU - otherwise 300W would be good enough for the system in its current form.


When it comes to storage I went with a good 512GB M.2 SSD. You can also reuse your HDD from the C2D  as a data grave - though check the S.M.A.R.T values first. That aside 512GB are more than enough for the use case you outlined in your starting post.


The CPU comes with a stock cooler - meh. First of all you ll have to deal with plastic push-pins in that case (good as a demo for your kids on how not to do it) and it's performance noise ratio is very bad under load. That's why I included a decent aftermarket cooler that doesnt brake the bank and is more than adequat for your system.


Formfactor wise  I went with µATX - no need for a giant tower imo.




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