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Expected Values Updated to v29

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This is fun, I like this. >:3


F, my first 10 was e50m and i stayed on the e50 for a long time.

I look forward to seeing how much the top 5 clans drops.



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this is my before image

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1 minute ago, Zepherex said:

My stats went up xD

mine went down 30

10 minutes ago, night1rider said:

When he says ru meds does it also include the 430?

yep, all of them:



E-50s expected is now 4.5K, and M46 is 2900. 


there is no way that this isn't a meme

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4 minutes ago, Rspctd said:

I can't maths good but what wn8 does the expected correlate too? Green?

1550 or around there, cant remember the exact number but its 1500 something

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So I just finished grinding the m46, my recents went from 3300 to 2850 :( Apparently 100% marking the m46 and 3500 damage is barely uni wn8, good meme :) 


But for real, please lower it just a tiny bit, maybe so that 3500 is like barely super uni? I'd be happy with that.

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4 minutes ago, Never said:

For those concerned about the E-50 and M46, these values will only last until v30 is ready, hopefully within a couple of weeks.

Patton grind will have to wait. :feelsbad:

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