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The ultimate Factorio thread: What's in your Burner Inserter?

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7 minutes ago, Rexxie said:

I wouldn't worry too much about tutorials, the game starts out really simple. It's not like DF or EU4 or something where you start the game and you've got a million choices. You basically just plop a mine on some ore and figure out how to get it into a smelter & you're good to go. The complexity only comes in later, and even then only if you want to be more efficient.

Currently he's using some mods and told me even after he had so much shit already he got like 60 more hours of content just in that playthrough, maybe I should give it a try.

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If you haven't played before I'd recommend going pure vanilla for a while. Get used to the game and all of its intricacies before you start adding all kinds of complex content. But if you want mods ...

This is where the mods are, sorted by number of downloads: https://mods.factorio.com/top. Some samples:

  • RSO is by far the most popular. It spreads out your resources a lot, but also makes them larger and richer the farther out you go. Basically forces you to do a lot of railroading, which a lot of players enjoy, but has its own learning curve (I currently have a runaway train that I have a hard time catching up with to try to reconfigure its scheduling).
  • Bob's Mods (there are bunches and bunches) are popular and add tons of new stuff.
  • FARL is popular if you are gonna do a lot of railroading. Automates tree clearing, track laying, other stuff as you like.
  • Long Reach lets you grab stuff from further away. (Promotes laziness ...)
  • Factorissimo lets you build buildings (vanilla game doesn't really have buildings per se) and buildings inside of buildings and put a lot of your stuff inside of them. Was explained above.

As I said above, none of the mods save RSO looks really interesting to me personally (and I have over 500 hours in). I have RSO installed now along with my map specs for fewer resource patches but much bigger and richer, specifically to force me to use trains. Someday I'll try some of the other mods.

Installing them is incredibly easy, and you can do it in-game as well as checking for updates to your mods in-game.

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So bringing this up again. Factorio v0.15.0 is up and running. But I strongly suggest that you go right to v0.15.1 or 0.15.2. v0.15.0 had a kinda major bug --- it wouldn't load.

List of things they added/changed in v0.15: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=44505

There's a butt-ton of stuff in there. Biggest/most fun I see, at least for me:

  • Research overhaul: 4 new science packs: Military, Production, High-tech and Space. Space science packs are generated by launching a rocket. So you now need to launch many rockets to complete these researches (is that a word???). One dev was complaining (yes, a dev!!) that launching a rocket to "win" is completely anticlimactic. And I think everyone agrees; in my current (now obsolete) map I've already launched dozens of rockets. I just kept going to try to increase my rocket rate of fire (some say they've done 1 every 3 seconds or something). So instead we now get to launch many times, and then ... I don't know what the end game is yet.

  • Added infinite research. You can never complete the tech tree. How? They've added some researches and for those new and old that added speed or capability, they just made them infinitely researchable (is that a word???) rather than being able to top them out. Example: They added train braking speed, which increases how quickly your trains will brake by 2% per level (so far, I think this is pretty useless, but we'll see). Used to be that this would only have maybe 10-15 levels, but now it is infinite.

  • Nuclear power. No idea how this works, as I am not even close to it yet. But another power source. Along with uranium to be mined for it, along with iron ore, copper ore, coal, and stone.
  • Boilers are much bigger and all of the stats for pumps -> boilers -> steam engines have changed. Used to be a 1:14:10 optimum ratio. Now it's 1:20:40, so now a single pump can handle 20 boilers and 40 steam engines. Boilers also have a completely different form factor.I fired up my old map and had zero power. Went right to my steam engine setup and noticed that my boilers were out of line. So uninstalled them and spent 5-10 minutes figuring out how to place them, with the correct ins and outs. And you can now see steam (small white cloud icon in the pipes).

  • Other stuff. See the list above.

I'm excited. Which is a bad thing.

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Bringing this up again.


Factorio has released several experimental builds of .16 (i believe the current is .16.6).

The major change/addition that I want to talk about is every WoT player's favorite mechanic: Artillery!


The tech is expensive and the recipes are as well, but there are both artillery turrets which, obviously, are stationary defenses with a minimum range and a very large (upgradeable) maximum range, and artillery train cars, which only fire when stationary but can be moved much more easily.


Artillery will auto-fire on any Biter bases in range (which does aggro the biters so make sure you have other defenses ready to handle the rush) - you can also build a remote that allows you to manual fire specific areas with a greater range than the automatic fire.


And finally, the shells themselves will explore the map sections that they fly over, so you can watch them explode alien bugs from the map view:



It's pretty fuckin awesome and I urge you all to check it out.


And of course, there exists a mod that lets you add nuke ammo to the cannons, so there's that too

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