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Any use for removed speed governor?

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IMO the governor is too much fuss to use and the rewards are negligible in most cases. You're better off diverting your attention to something else like actually playing the game and staying situationally aware.

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On 1/24/2017 at 9:03 PM, Whole_Nutmeg said:

I ground out the T-50-2 but of course never bought it before the removal, RIP

You missed something great. I was lucky to have started playing right after it's introduction. The T-50 and -2 were my first tier 4 and 5 tanks, respectively. They were amazing before physics. I used the speed governor on them because they were basically one shot kills in most games anyway (they saw tier 9 and 10 battles for those that don't know). These days I only use it in arty, and the only arty I have is a 261, and I don't play it. So yeah, I never use it anymore.

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