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Percute Cito - Strike Swiftly


CUBE is recruiting active skilled players that are interested in nightly strongholds, clan wars, weekly clan tournaments, exhibitions, platournaments, and interclan activities. On top of that we regularly #failroad our players into memey activities between seasons.


Why Should You Join?

  • We focus on tier 8 clan wars, while occasionally doing some 6 and 10.
  • This last map exhibition, Cube made it all the way to the Quarter finals.
  • During the last two campaigns we got many of our members reward tanks
  • Regularly pop +25% credit boosters, nightly memeholds, and other interclan events.
  • Nightly gold payouts



  • 1600+ Recent Win8
  • At least three tier 6 CW viable tanks.
  • At least two tier 8 CW viable tanks.
  • At least one tier 10 CW viable tank.
  • Can dedicate 2-3 nights a week to Clan Wars.


Current Clan Averages




Recruitment: MysteriousRJC, ComradeAlex

Diplo: Sighs, Daniel3214

Teamspeak: Cubecommunity.ddns.net:9160


If you're interested in joining, hop into teamspeak and we'll get you setup for an interview.


Our Current Global Map Shenanigans:





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