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I am actually a bit into my 5th drink right now after trying to forget the absolute travesties who were playing pub battles tonight..........and I had a thought.......

NA IS DEAD.  And sometimes it is hard as fuckkkkk to get a tier 8 stronghold filled at certain times of the night/day.  Therefore, I am proposing what we used to do with Wotlabs

An in game chat for the purpose of finding strongholds legionnaires.  We had it once before for the purpose of platooning till that died because we got tired of teaching lesser skilled players at the time..........BUT!!!! we don't give a shit about stronghold legionnaire skill level because I'm pretty sure we have all recruited from fucking general chat at one point or another.

TL;DR: In Game Strongholds Recruitment Chat.  Make struggles easier to keep going, make it easier to keep NA alive during early evening and late nights when we just don't want to fucking pub it out. 


EDIT EDIT: Make sure you get the correct spelling, I fucked up because I typed too fast and misspelled legionnaires and quickly without thinking made another so fuck me



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6 hours ago, Shifty_101st said:

I am actually a bit into my 5th drink right now

Only 5 drinks? Your alcohol tolerance is just about as shit as your tennis game.

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5 hours ago, ADeadMan1 said:

I like this. My question, is a channel in WoTlabs or IGN?

In game.  Kinda like a clan chat, except not a clan chat.  We had this several years ago and it comprised of wotlabs members.  It's that weird button none of us use by our friends list

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16 minutes ago, TheChang said:

You'll post info on here? Or would that defeat the purpose of having a password?

Point of the password is so that bots don't join without one.  Since we have had that happen in the past

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Fuck, I've been keeping the WoTLabs chat alive in game, and haven't had much of an issue with bots...


Haven't had many players in it, neither...

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