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Pz. VII, German Tier 10 HT

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Here's a replay of the Pz. VII and my thoughts after playing it for several hours on test.

  • Gun: great gun handling and accuracy. Rarely misses shots even at range.
  • Penetration: standard pen of 258mm is meh, but 330mm APCR pen is very good.
  • DPM: while not as good as the buffed Maus, it's still good with 560 alpha and ~13 second reload. Didn't feel like DPM was ever an issue.
  • Speed: acceleration, speed and traverse are great for a super heavy, hits top speed of 30-35kph fairly quickly. Making it more fun to play than Maus/Type 5/E100.
  • Armor: on test server with everyone shooting prem, the armor does not really hold up that well. Several easy to hit weak points: turret ring, lower plate and even the turret front itself. On live server with standard rounds and people that don't know where to shoot the VK/Pz. VII, it should fare better.



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