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E-Penis Enlargement and how its bad for w/r

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Hello Bois, inspired by attention-whoring-e50-adztown-something-BabyRage-MyWIN8 i tried to pad some penis points today, and whore some attention along with it.


Basically how i played:

-focusing full hp targets, unless direct threat to my tonk

-not helping teammates, to farm more dmg

-not coming back to help @ crucial flank

-not comming back to defend if there was something ez to farm

-farming ez useless dmg

-Steve suiciding to help depad w/r :kappa:



My generous sample size told me so:


-padding to 4k is  gay, real man pads 5.5k/6k/7k wn8 on meds

-excruciating pain for throwing games is as bad as being proud of 4k wn8 on t9 meds/type59

-Even if you try to throw in Type59, you just cant get below 60% w/r due to shitters and pref mm.

-WZ120 gun sucks, but pads pretty Dank/10

-i wasnt camping enough cause more than 1 spots. i need to work on it.

-It really feels bad to have that kind w/r :eww: x2222222222222 :eww:

-To depad w/r that low @_Steve had to suicide every battle :jebaited:

-There is no joy in loosing for me, even with high wn8. Slightly less triggered, but it still sux elephants dix.





-my epenis just punched me in my eyes, send halp.

-having that low w/r with  3k+ wn8 requires help with throwing



Stay tuned for more padding, gonna fuck my w/r all over, while providing e-penis enlargement to myself :kappa:





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5 minutes ago, aaveq said:

it was really hard to reach that low w/r :serb:

Really. Or did u just realise how hard it is to win when your not platooning 24/7

This is games this month clearly an e50 stat padder


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