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E-Penis Enlargement and how its bad for w/r

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There is an undeniable correlation between winrate and wn8. So if there is a huge discrepancy between them (in both directions) there is usually something wrong.
If you play well you usually win more and if you win more you usually get to farm more damage in end stage and therefore perform better too.

However there are still 14 other players on your team and sometimes you can do your best and you will still loose. No matter which tank you are playing.
When you compare my recent wn8 to my wr progressions you don't see much correlation at all. 

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-05 um 22.48.22.png

Ok, the peaks are correlated, but it's not what you'd expect, is it?

To conclude - winrate is not completely irrelevant but it is also not the ultimate measure of skill. In the end you have to judge a players' skill by the overall picture.

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On 2/5/2017 at 2:23 PM, adztownstike said:

im working on it. And who cares about neg reps on a dead forum

Out of all people, I would think you'd be most interested about stats...

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I dont care what random internet people think about me i care about what the community az a whole thinks about me therefore wn8 is more important than downvotes..

Ps on -300 what is the record?

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33 minutes ago, zyl said:

doesn't care about stats :bigdoge:

If your not the best at what your good at (farming neg reps) your probs not a very good troll...

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