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9.17.1 Announced SH changes

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2 hours ago, WhatTheSkara said:

Oh wait, you can still look for SHs to join without getting an invitation.

Ruck fandoms in tier 8s :doge:

Forget what I said a couple of posts above :kappa:


I am assuming that you can hide it like training rooms.  At the very least you can control who actually gets in.


given that, who cares if some scrubby clan picks up ransoms.  If it makes it easier for more teams to keep SH active that's a good thing.

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I guess the main reason is to give the chance to people without friends/new players to run strongholds.

Things will be easier for strong clans though, more shitlords playing, more steamrolls.

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Some important info from the RU Forums: On tier 8, 10vs10 battles will remain, the planned change to 7vs7 is scrapped!


I think that's what he was referring to that got cancelled. I didn't even know they were planning on 7v7. 7v7 is fucking terrible already and they should change T8 to 12v12 and T6 to 10v10

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