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Need help at mastering AMX 50 120.

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As title says, I'm trying to 3rd mark it.

Issue is that games are rarely average. It's either 3500 - 4000 damage, or 800 - 1200. Biggest problem I have with it is trying to survive, or finding place where you can run off or stay hidden. And that bastard is often getting spotted from 400 meters before firing. And, of course, it's no Emil II so that it can actually take hits. :minidoge:

Crew is 1st skill 6th sense + repair, second is unfinished BiA.

Posted last 6 replays if that helps in pointing out my mistakes.

First, did poorly.

Second, did good.

Third, did mediocre.

Fourth, MM odd ball.

Fifth, RNG and likely my choices lead to bad game.

Last one, close win.

Funnily enough, for whatever reason, I am and was (pre-buff) doing better in AMX 50 120, tier for tier. 

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2 hours ago, kreso03 said:

Issue is that games are rarely average. It's either 3500 - 4000 damage, or 800 - 1200.

You just described my play in pretty much most of my tanks, sadly (with a decided lean toward the latter over the past few weeks for some reason beyond me).  

I haven't re-bought this post-buff yet to finish the grind to the 50 B, so am looking forward to reviewing your replays.  If I have any thoughts worth mentioning, I will.  

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Having around 3.2k dpg on it (and before any of the buffs even): Use coffee. You need that aimtime. Get bia asap (do you have an fcm?) + vert + vents + gld. Anything that helps aimtime. You dont need to spam it, but take a healthy amount of apcr for same and higher tier heavies, tds and some mediums (e50m, hulldown 430/Cent, etc.).

Just play as a damage farmer that peekaboos and relocates (or at least gets unspotted so enemies think you are gone). Don't be afraid to reload after 2-3 shots, focus on not TAKING damage. Your speed and hp give easy farms in endgame wins and allow you to relocate in losses. Depending on the map, just load apcr and go city, if you are patient (aka. a bitch) and preaim corner or flank/let others take hits, you can farm even the most armored tanks for free with 325 pen.. 3 shots, 6seconds, reload, 1200 damage.

On other maps you wanna snipe from long range-camo and size suck! Use bushes! And preaim/use brain because of the long aim time, you cant snap well.

But in general, you can be pretty frontline, brawling with mediums or heavies, and then staying alive on lowhealth (if needed) to snipe/support.

Oh, and I don't know the gun depression now, but either a) stay on flat areas or b)be used to -3 from russian tds and chinese meds :D

Good luck ;)

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On 04.02.2017. at 5:18 PM, Nekommando said:

@genghiswolves Gun depression is now -9, comparing with its old self it's night and day.


Indeed, I remember the time when I couldn't aim up to hill from 2nd line on Himmelsdorf. That one was a shocker.

And I somehow did better with that 50 120 than with 50B. :kappaross: 

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