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Obj 252U  

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I agree, the Defender is just too weak for a limited MM tier 10 premium tank. 

It has 50 less alpha than the IS-7, worse LFP and worse side armour as well as a really crappy turret comparatively. This difference between the comparable tank in the tech tree is outrageous. Just look at the STA-1 and STA-2. The STA-2 premium used to be worse than the STA-1 but then they made the guns the same and made it more mobile than the tech tree counterpart. Its only disadvantage is the very slight size difference and 7mm of pen but the armour and everything else is exactly the same.


If WG are serious in balancing their game, the Defender tier 10 limited MM premium tank should at least have a 300mm turret including the cupolas, a smaller, 270mm effective LFP and a gun with 245mm AP pen and 490 alpha with a 300mm APCR gold shell to differentiate it from the IS-7. 

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On 6.08.2017 at 7:22 PM, BlackAdder said:

It's like Kranvagn's turret, tough and nobody shots there. Same goes for 252U, LFP is touch everything else not so much. I mean S1 hitting my turret, IS and Tiger 1 hitting LFP... Also, i didn't look but i think is-3 bullshit sides are missing. So overall armor isn't that great. 

Wait what? IS penning your LFP? Unless he was really far away and was firing ACPR at a perfect angle no way he pens. You probably angled your LFP slightly up. This is how i pen the defendors. 

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On 3/9/2017 at 5:16 PM, BlackAdder said:

Thinking about EGLD swap with VENTS. This steaming pile of shit can't hit a thing so maybe bit better stats in exchange of longer aim can help. 


Does anyone run setup like that? (FOOD + VSTAB + RAMMER + VENTS)? 

I never put vents on tanks that have >2,7 aim time. That 0,3 of better aim time increases more your effective dpm than vents would do. It also helps when you snap since you can close the aiming circle a bit more (and faster) to increase the chances of hitting even at close range.

But you could also try it with vents and see how it goes. It would be good for the subpar accuracy.

Or play it like Serb wants it and pray Stalin to guide the shot. Trust me that works even better.

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