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New pubbie that just discovered the land of improvement

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Greetings all, 

                    New forum user here; for some basic information about me:

1) I am bad

2) I like food

3) Booty4life.

In all seriousness though. I join because I have wanted to improve my play and my improvement whilst still being somewhat noticeable, I tomato alot, so hopefully I will be able to learn a few things from the Unicorns here (Who am I kidding, I don't learn :serb:) and get my consistency and level of play up, as I hope to sometime not be a liability to my team, especially high tier games. SO, in a nutshell, since I have no english or redaction skills: I want to get gud and learn how to play this game from pros.


o7, May you be lucky I am not in your teams because you will suffer :tanfiesta:


-PS, if anyone knows what the correct section for opening a topic to put replays of one of my normal sessions so they can be analized, feel free to tell me so I don't accidentally post it somewhere it doesn't belong like the pleb I am.



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The forum section you described is called Tape Study, there you can make threads posting sessions, or even submit a few games to people such as Kolni who will analyse your every move and tell you what you should have done better.

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Hey there all and thanks for the warm welcome c: 

@Spinee thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I'll be sure to have a look there and probably post some replays so people can watch me be bad at tonks :P

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Yep, I watch streams, youtube, and my replays I don't, but i tend to think back on every battle and attempt to figure out where I was mistaken. For reference, I watch: Junker's map reviews, Zeven, Sometimes orzy, lemming and then lastly some of taugrim's reviews (with the odd replays on certain tanks I may have trouble with.)

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