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What does 95% look like? A little bragging, a little commentary

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1 hour ago, CraBeatOff said:

That was last week during my infuriating attempts to 3 mark the WZ-111 1-4!

And yes, I whisper the pubs. Usually for the 

34 minutes ago, CraBeatOff said:

My guess is, its worth maybe 2%. 

But I guess when you're unicum it's the little things that matter

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On ‎2‎/‎14‎/‎2017 at 1:05 PM, sr360 said:

Armor wins games... when you don't go broadside to an ISU :D

along with Heavies carry games.  Questions though since I don't know or I am unsure:

  1. Is it heavies win games or keep you from losing them?  If your heavies lose badly, you generally lose.  If you win the heavy brawl sometimes you don't have enough left to push through for the win.  Many times though if you can hold on in a heavy and stalemate them your mediums can win it for you.  Its a mix of all three of three of course, but more of preventing their heavies from winning especially front-lining for people since most are not willing and even less are capable, giving your team a chance to support.  Thoughts? 
  2. The platoon with other good players is key, but is the MIX of tanks more important?  For example, I platoon with Crab, he is by far the better player.  Would we win more if I was in the  heavy front-lining with him in support in a non-heavy, or vice versa?  I don't platoon much (less than %5 of my total games for sure) since my game time is limited, but I want to more and want to know what is better for a player of my skill.
  3. I watch SELA often, and his steady complaint is its tough to play a non top tier support tank solo since you need to have players front line for you.  He is obviously a great player and I believe that to be true.  The implication is if in solo queue you maximize your random pubbies by getting into some armor and front-lining for them; I believe this to be true in my experience but given my skill level cant trust my opinion to be true.  Is it?

Thanks for the opinions.

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