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[EU] free amateur coaching (tier 10)

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Hey all. I've helped a couple of people out in the past with some formal coaching sessions and a couple of informal ones too. My experience as a teacher is somewhat limited although I'd consider myself a competent wot with 3.2k recent wn8 playing primarily tier x vehicles. As I fall somewhere on the lower end of the autistic spectrum I analysise problems in a formulaic manner and have a low tollerence for stupidity (not inexperience). 

My sessions are (as mentioned) aimed at players trying to improve their performance in high tier vehicles (not arty for obvious reasons). 

For it to be worth either of our time having a session i recommend you fulfil the following criteria:

- roughly 10k games played as prior to this learning is simply easy to do by just grinding out battle. 

- teamspeak3 downloaded and good spoken English as it makes communication a hell of a lot more efficient 

-at least a couple of tier x vehicles on an EU ACCOUNT with at least a hundred or so battles under your belt so that you know the meta and how to pen other tier x's

- the ability to stream world of tanks on twitch or other such service so we can analyse your gameplay. Alternatively you can upload 5-10 AVERAGE games of yours and we can analyse these in a similar manner.

the plan of my sessions is roughly sketched out to be 

-analysis of your battles one by one going over your thought process decision making and mistakes

-watching one good result of mine and analysing my plays as to why I do them and how they are different to what you would do as well as seeing if you can spot my mistakes. 

-to finish the session some high tier platooning with the focus on your decision making, reading match ups and trying to avoid repeating the mistakes we've highlighted. Also we can dip back and analyse these games we're playing together and see what's going right or wrong. 

If your interested contact me in game (yranna) with a brief description of what your hoping to achieve or if you'd like something slightly different. 

Although my help is free, if you feel I've been helpful a tip is much appreciated or if not just some positive reputation goes a long way :)

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