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I suck at Arctic Region (and E 25)

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So, as the title says, I'm absolutely trash at playing anything other than a heavy tank on Arctic Region. I've been finding recently that even though I hover around 2500~ ish 60 day WN8, I constantly, constantly get outplayed and get myself into stupid positions. It boggles my mind how I'm still capable of holding 2500 because I feel like such a lemming in around 60% of my battles. This is one such battle. I already suck at the E 25 which is notoriously overpowered (something I've felt playing against them, but never playing with one) and Arctic Region is right up there with one of my worst maps. My biggest issue is deploying properly, as seen in this battle. I really wasn't a factor at all in the outcome and the only real damage I got was from yolo'ing the pershing cause I knew I could out DPM him (and I had a feeling this was going to be a shitty game so I wanted at least a little damage).


Rip into me. Help me get better pls. I'll be posting a ton of replays in the coming days where I utterly expose myself and hopefully you people can help me.

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I'm pretty interested in the replies here, I've actually been thinking about posting the exact same topic until I saw your post.


I have trouble making myself relevant to the game in a medium on arctic... Hopefully someone can help us out.

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Too passive in the beginning, I think I would have went to G6 area to spot and maybe shoot something in the beginning, and then do something else. Or if you go north, at least peek around the corner to see if anything is even coming, with E25 you are there before anything from the enemy team with plenty of time to run if needed. Now you just looked at that corner for pretty long time. If something would have came there, you would have seen them way too late, with E25 you want to keep some distance and instead of trading 1 to 1, try to find possibilities to keep shooting continuously. I have played quite a lot of E25 lately, and I think that if you want to do well in it, you have to react to things really fast. It can do damage fast if you are in the right place, and it has the speed to move around, so use that speed. Also I would lose the camo net, at least I don't sit still that much to have advantage of that, and camo is already above epic. Rammer+vents+optics seems to work pretty well.


Oh yeah, and load more APCR :)

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I never played E25, but have a rough idea about it's camo/viewrange





~12:10 get out of that "grave" going south and up to the pedestal F4, where you always can spot for yourself (you have no turret, so ritch peaking at close range is impossible)

~11:30-11:00 an other trench ... only worse without a turret (crossfire possible from the KV5 - Leo position). Approaching from G/H 6 toward the Leo keeps the fight one-directional and you can control with your camo/viewrange

- are there even places on the KV5 where you can pen it reliable with 150mm (with an angle)???


ok turret roof - not a position one finds oneself usually in


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@KenyanWarlord.E25 can be seriously OP on Arctic if you learn to climb with Xaneleon.

@yuryi, leave a replay in my replay review topic if you want.


So I'll go over the replay properly but thanks for coming on here as I'd noticed the same about your play. Are you using XVM at all? I worry that you are (but using it badly) because I've noticed you use me as a meat shield on arctic when we're the only two top tiers, we have support, and you forced me to take all the hits to push our south flank before our north fell. If you're in a KV-5 type of tank, you have to stop sacrificing T26E5's when you could be bouncing 75% of hits and letting your team give damage.

I don't want to accuse you of being too much of an asshole - you're not! And when your stats are better than my own (I have about the same recents when I'm not playing for months on hospital wifi), I do understand that being alive in the end game with a decent chunk of HP adds ~3-5% to your win rate. Just that most games I've been frustrated at in your play, you take no risks in the early game, no risks in the mid game and then play a good fallback or aggression game when the result is clear, which is great for WN8 and because of the HP pool you save, reasonable for Win Rate, but ultimately stopping you from going up a level as (maybe there are exceptions I haven't seen) you seem to be treating the battle as 1v29 too much.

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3 hours ago, SkittlesOfSteeI said:

Not yoloing a chi ri in the middle of serene coast when you're one clippable just so you can fuck his game over would be a good start.

<.< >.> This is not the E 25 you're looking for.


Tbh though made me lol. And I remember this exact situation ahahaha. Chi Ri's never forget?

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