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Been freeloading a while. Thought I'd pop in and say hello, thank yous, and stuff.

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Hello WotLabs,

I'm an off-and-on player (mostly at tiers 5 and 6, currently) who's usually into games like KSP, Factorio, or Space Engineers, but every few months I get the urge to shoot pixel tanks.

I first came across this place a few years ago when I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong in my Churchill I (my first tier 5 tank).  I'd had almost two hundred battles in it with something like a 35% winrate, and was starting to feel really quite bad for the teams that I was on.

(It turned out that I was doing a lot of things wrong, and not just in my Churchill.  I think my WN8 was around 250 or so when I first found out about it? At maybe 700 battles in total.)

At any rate, I've browsed a lot of online resources in the process of learning what I'm doing (kind of), and I've found myself returning to this website more than any other when I'm having trouble figuring out what's going on (which has been often).


Thank you to everyone in the community who's shared your thoughts and insights into the game and how to be effective in it, and thank you to Neverwish and all of the volunteers who have made this community possible. 

Just by being you and doing what you do, you've done a lot to enhance my understanding and enjoyment of the game, and I appreciate that.

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Same story here, I used to average below 700 until I joined a clan and simply started absorbing information from everyone. I grew further by stalking this forum.

It's hard to learn alone, a good community is something that is vital to a persons success in any situation.


Thanks for reminding me why this forum is awesome OP

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