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WN8 Value Updating to Significantly Lower Value

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Howdy WoTLabs!

So here`s a question for anyone that may know: So this past summer (2016) I returned to WoT after almost a year`s hiatus. I had to stop before the fall since I had to start my last year of school. At the end of the summer, my WN8 was about 2425 according to WoTLabs. Just today I logged in again and played about 30 games or so. I went to check my stats page and I noticed that WoTLabs dropped my WN8 to 2354. Anyone know why this happened? I`m a little bummed since I thought I was close to Unicum numbers, but it seems further away now than originally thought haha. I checked with NoobMeter as well but it seems to hold my old WN8 value.

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