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Daily T25 Pilot Mission Tips

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As most of the missions up to this point have been pretty straight forward, today its a bit... well, more involved. 

Today (Sunday) mission is:


Win 10 games while being top 3 for EXP for the winning team.

Some general tips which may help you complete these in a reasonable time
Two man platoon, either in pref 8's or tier 9s. Really, if you get desperate platoon a tier 9 with a tier 10 (T-54 HEAT would be perfect)
Church III still has broken EXP earning
M-44 cHEAT spam platooned with tier 7's or pref 8s

You gain the most EXP for shooting tanks higher tier than yourself, or dominating as top tier. Id really avoid playing tier 10's, as being top tier all the time can be harder for the average player to be top EXP. Some other tanks which can consistently do damage regardless of MM, and can carry hard when top tier
M4 Derp
T-34 (Tier 5, 189 APCR Pen)
Super Pershing
E-25 (Map dependent)

Personally, I'll play the Type-59 today as I need credits

March 20th Mission (Monday)


Be First on your team for Damage x1. No win requirement.

I suspect they ramped the missions up for the weekends, and during the week more reasonable


March 21st Mission (Tuesday)


Win 10 battles. Each victorious battle to get into the top 3 on his team damage.
Any technique IV-X levels. Only random battles. 1 time per account.
Reward Personal allowance: + 50% for loans for 1 hour.

So after the break from yesterday, there's this mission :/ Really wish they would have knocked it down to 5 wins, as it IS a work/school night. Really, just pick some tanks you do well in while dealing a ton of damage, and you should be good. As I have practice tonight, I'll probably be getting a license for today myself. Actually, I may be getting the last three I need as its practice tonight, then playoffs for Silver


March 22nd Mission (Wednesday)



Deal 50,000 damage over any number of Random Battles.

Conditions: Must use a Tier IV or higher vehicle Available once per account only

Rewards: 1x Garage Slot 1x 'Get Your T25 Pilot' mission token





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I would like to add the Cromwell B also, was in the dumps until I brought it out and slapped discounted pudding on it.

10 games, 8 victories, all of them in the top 3 due to APCRing the hightiers, raping the lowtiers and scouting on all tiers. around 1.5k raw damage plus some assist for all winning games.

Cromwells are just the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest .:trump:


Also you said WZ-112 twice. There isnt even a WZ-112

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1 hour ago, 21Blackjack said:

So I have to buy those tanks to have a better chance at getting a free tank?  Hmmmmm

Where on earth did you see him him suggest that?

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Brb buying a 55A ;-)

If I had to do today's mission I'd pick a pref 8 or any tier 9. T71 would probably take a few extra games to get the wins, but would be high on XP and fun. Church 3 is also good of course, but sometimes arduous to drive.

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If you're the dirtiest pedopadding motherfucker on the planet you can do it in the premium B2, always top tier and almost nobody can pen you.

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Running luchs nonstop should do the trick.  It's a light so it shits out exp, and it's strong enough that I don't have any issues with the fact that it sees tier 7 tanks.

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Udes 03 is pretty good for these missions, thou its pretty map dependant like e25, city maps and your pretty much screw'd :( Elc amx is pretty dam good too, in high tier games you don't need to shoot many times and your very high in exp if you manage to spot also.

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Everything was wrong. So i took out My IS-2B, then everything was well again, mission was done in a giffy. 

Note to self : Just bring out IS-2B first next time, everything will be A OK.

So today i will start with this tank.



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Be top damage for one battle.


Should be very easy but from the gameplay i pulled out for the past few day's and the meta completely swamped with big arty and high alpha TD i can't be sure anymore.

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Be the first in damage. No victory required, and it counts it only in your team.

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E25 is what I will use today, so easy to be top dmg with that monster. :disco:

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I foresee more exciting and dynamic gameplay in our immediate future. Maybe I really should try to finish some of my LT-campaign missions.

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