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Seeking a Coach to help my game

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Greeting and Salutations.!

Actively looking for a coach to help me improve my game play. I do enjoy the game but I feel that I am limited in self improvement without knowledge of things that I might make a big difference in my results.

I do have tier 1 - 10 tanks and currently at 4k battles and 47%.  Look forward to hearing from anyone willing to coach me for a reasonable fee.

Thank you

Bart  {BullseyeBart63}

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My first response to this was to offer to help you (not for money of course) because I enjoy helping newer players get better. However, looking at your account, I think you lack understanding of some basic game mechanics. WoT requires a hefty knowledge base to help you win games, and, fortunately, there is a lot of information available online. I would recommend you read through the Battle Mechanics page on the World of tanks wiki at least twice to start. Next, it might be time for you to start checking out the varoius video content available for this game. Quickybaby is the most popular world of tanks streamer, and while he gets a lot of flack on this forum for reasons I won't go into, he is the one I think is the best for new players because he goes out of his way to explain basic game mechanics while he plays. I used to watch his youtube videos quite a bit when I was a new player, and that helped me out. I popped over to his channel and found a recent video I think might be quite helpful.

Arm yourself with knowledge! Browse these forums and soak up the wisdom and analysis that four+ years here have brought. The articles subforum is particularly helpful. Check out various streamers on twitch.tv--see this thread for some ideas of whom to watch. Approach every game with the mindset that your contributions will help win the game, so try to think strategically with an eye on improving every battle. That's the way to get on the road to getting good, and it'll probably help you more than any one hour session with a good player will.

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2 hours ago, GunnSm0ke said:

Here is a clan that will help you for FREE!! (if you're in to that sort of thing)



Totally agree on this! As a former M-I-Ter myself it is a great place to get tutored in the ways of WoT.

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Will help for funds, because I have none. Happy to work with you on all aspects of your gameplay - and was at your level of stats once so know the steps you need to take your tanking forward. Happy to platoon with comms, watch and give feedback on replays, tank loadouts, crew skill choices etc.

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3 hours ago, GunnSm0ke said:

Here is a clan that will help you for FREE!! (if you're in to that sort of thing)



Bart has been in MIT for a few weeks. Don't know why that is not showing here.


Hey Bart, join us on TeamSpeak again. Lots of good players in the clan who will help and there are opportunities to platoon, skirmish with MM guys too!

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The advice you got starting to read yourself up on Wot Wiki regarding base mechanics was a good start. 
Basic knowledge of terms like 'sidescraping', 'Weakspots' 'Pen' etc needs to be mastered on a subconscious level.
You have gotten 4k games under your skin so youre not a total greenhorn anymore, but still you are pretty fresh.
I suggest you try to systematize your play a bit more. You have done what every unskilled player naturally does-rush up
the lines to get those sweet looking tier x gems.
This is what I would seriously consider if I were you:

#1 go down back the Russian heavy-line to the tier V KV-1.
This tank has lost some but not all of its former glory. In KV-1 you will learn the most basic skill set needed in WoT- the art of
heavily armored heavy tank brawling. It is also a good money-maker. It should be the first tank you really feel the ability
to dominate a battlefield when top tier, the tank where your actions and decisions are crucial for your team.
To be effective you will have to master sidescraping, how to hide your weakspots like the LFP, to take hits for weaker
teammates on your team due to a relatively generous HP pool to generate effective trades, how to lock down one flank
with inferior numbers. Perhaps the most important skill you learn here is the ability to scrutinize team comps more so
that you are pretty sure you place your slow-moving tank at the most effective place for your team. If you do wrong
here you will probably not be able to flex much, reset cap, help other flank etc with strong chances for your team to loose as a result.
 This skill is paramount for effective heavy tank play almost regardless of tank and is smth that even very experienced and great players
underestimate at times especially if they predominantly play med tanks.
This list actually goes way further. If you do a thorough job in this tank ,maybe even 2 or 3-mark it 
you have one tank class you can fall back on and be secure in. When the huge RNG factor hits you in the face
there is always nice to have some sort of safe haven and conserve your sanity. 
With the exeption of IS-8 at tier IX the rest of the tanks in this line have pretty much the same playstyle.
You can progress in the tree somewhat faster knowing that you master most(but not all due to increasing difficulties in higher tiers)
basic skills regarding stronk tenk play.

#2 do the same with the tier VI Russian med t-34/85.
In this tank you will learn most of the skillsets to what experienced players refer to as Russian hover-med play.
I do not bother to make a list here- med play is more complicated than heavy play. 
The point is that if you do a thorough job here, a lot transfers directly to the rest of this line ending in the 2
most versatile and dominant top tiers in the game, t-62A and obj 140.

When working on #1 and #2 try to focus on whole sessions where you just use one single tank to learn
as much as possible with it and to finetune your skills in it. How fast are the different types of shells?
whats the reload time? turret traverse/hull traverse/the combo of both. VR? soft stats? etc etc 
If u get nuked by arty- bad shit. Use the time till the game ends to reflect around some of these basics
and cool down in the process. Hate the clickers but not to the extent that it has significant influence on your mind.
Try to enter every game as balanced as possible.

In this process, an effective way to help this is to turn XVM off. It only messes with your head.
Play vanilla ingame. All the lovely colors look intimating at first but your eyes relax more without
this christmas tree of color impressions if nothing else.
Stats are important, but not ingame. AFTER a full session, it is time to review a lot of your games, compare them
with better players to recognize weak decisions in your play etc. Then you also look up stats in the hope that you
have improved somewhat. The most important stat is WR, after that DMG output. You will learn how to weigh
these 2 stats against each other almost instinctively. WN8 is also when looked upon during a whole session
a good indicator regarding your progress(when I say session I use this term subjectively, it can mean anything
from 10 up to several hundred games.)
I would recommend to not play longer sessions than around  2 hrs before you take a significant break.
WoT wears you down, it is literally a battle of attrition and you need frequent breaks to be on top of your game.

As a beginner, watch streamers like Zeven(NA) and QB(EU)
The latter is great for newcomers of this game while Zeven has smth to give to all categories of players.

GL with your progress

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Take this with a grain of salt as Im a "new player" too, but had a break for over 2 years after 5k battles.

Ive been pretty average or slightly below for a very long time but did OK in the Russian lines, as poster above me mentioned its a very versatile line that does everything pretty well but you cant abuse ridge-lines as per say american/british tanks.

For me, watching replays is alot of hassle and its easier to find good players and watch their streams and read up on this site. Basicly there is 3-4 things that have pretty much "skyrocket" my performance and its 

1. Watch streams/replays. I watch QB and Lemmingrush. QB makes the stream fun while Lemmingrush explains more, pauses the game and draws on the maps and so on.
2. Map/Situational awareness. Make it bigger and look at it every 5-10 sec (reload). Try and read where people are going to to or find a way "in" to help team mates.
3. Analyze your mistakes. This doesnt mean you have to watch a replay. For me, now, I usually feel when I make a bad move. My biggest problem is playing on tilt as it makes me eager and taking way to much risk. Now I feel it during like "Why did I drive here? Why am I driving there?" and usually Im right and blow up. Controling my frustration is huge for me as those sessions are alot better.
4. Tanks.gg . Have trouble with a tank? Look it up so the next time, you wont have the same problem.

If you dont have fun, dont push it. Its hard, I know, but its better in the long run.

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