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Want To Hire: Freelance Programmer

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Hi Wotlabbers,

My wife is doing a Phd in Clinical Psychology and her main thesis topic is based on experiments around sense of control and what happens in different situations to people who've previously experienced trauma. She's recruiting participants from Amazon's Mechanical Turk platform, screening them with a screener questionnaire (see http://bryantlabvm2.portll.net:81/pcstudy3v2/ for a similar example one) and then if they fit certain criteria, putting them into groups for a set of questionnaires to be answered and then an escape the room game to be played (which is already built and tests things like task persistence) and a threat perception game (javascript, images growing on a black background until a keypress from the user stops them showing). Your job would be to build this out from HTML templates of the questionnaires to mimic the design of PCStudy3 (sample and full brief will be provided - existing code can be reused) and to build the Javascript game. Some familiarity with API's would be useful, particularly the very tiny code snippet used to check IP address matches country reported by user (MaxMind GeoIP) and MTurk. Data will need to be saved in MySQL or SQL Server (or similar - open to alternatives as long as it can easily be exported somehow for use in SPSS). We have been using a Windows Azure instance provided by the University department for web hosting and would prefer to keep using this - also that you use a version control server. Happy to stage payments on mutually agreeable terms - we would however prefer a project rate based on the spec rather than an open-ended hourly, although this could be a price with a contingency figure for any intangibles you see. Current site is built using Classic ASP (VBScript), Javascript and HTML/CSS. I can do the HTML/CSS for you free of charge and prepare any graphic as prior to my spinal cord injury I ran a web development agency (if it helps - I'm happy not to be involved and just play some tanks instead) - I was just never a great programmer!

If this might be a fit for you, or you know someone who would be a good fit for the project, please get in touch by PM for more information and we can continue over email, phone, Skype etc as desired.



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What kind of timeframe and hourly rate are you looking at here?

I know you're not keen on hourly charging but I want to get an idea of the limits of what you want to be charged :-)

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1 hour ago, Folterknecht said:

PMs are a fine invention - don't you agree?

Oh right...

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