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(NA) Seeking Mentor

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Greetings all,

I have come to the conclusion that I am rapidly approaching the brick wall when it comes to self improvement. My main problem is recognizing when I can be aggressive vs being too passive. I tend to try and force plays to happen when my team sits idle, content to wait and I get punished for it seeing as I'm the only tank the enemy can shoot at. My awareness of common fire lanes seems to have fallen off with introduction of new maps like Pilsen and Overlord as well. I know I have the potential to do much better, I just need some help smoothing out the edges so to speak. 

My play times are ~5 PM to about 10 PM eastern most evenings. I learn best via the "Monkey see, Monkey do" method. No amount of textbook learnin' is going to help me understand my mistakes/pitfalls I'm afraid. I have been trying to beat my head against the wall to see if anything shakes loose, and I am rapidly approaching the point of utter frustration in an attempt to reach my lofty goal of 3k recents w/ 68% wr about. What I really need help identifying is A: what am I REALLY good at? (I own so many tanks I don't even know anymore), and B: how can I work those core concepts into vehicles of other classes to really round out my ability across the heavy and medium tank spectrum. I appreciate any and all input. I have a replay thread that I put up recently with some examples of my recent gameplay for those who are interested. 

Thanks in advance,


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