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Tank to re-learn some skills

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Hey guys

So I've been trying to work on fixing some issues with my game that have come up in the past couple of months. Around like october/novemberish I was pulling light blue recents of like 1800/55% and around thanksgiving I took a break due to some RL stuff and didn't play for probably a month and then since then I have been terrible. I've had some good games here and there but I've been playing way worse and I'm stuck in this rut where every time I log in I play a couple of games badly and then I log off again because I don't want to keep playing if I'm not playing my best which is a rule I made for myself a while ago that worked really well for me.

I have gotten the advise from several people to stick to one tank and focus on that one which has worked for me in the past. This time it just seems like whenever I do that I keep getting into bad situations in that tank and win like 1/6 games before I get mad and go play something else which I know is not happening. So bottom line I know that I need to just get though that and let myself re-learn some things that have clearly regressed. So I am looking for some help picking a tank that will serve me well to get my play back to where it was like 6 months ago.

Skills that I need to work on:

Map awareness: both deployment and also flexing


aiming:specifically leading shots or shooting on the move/poking ridges etc not fully aimed shots


I know it's tried and true to play heavies to boost WR and whatnot but I feel like I need to play more of the map because when I have played heavies lately it seems like I'm just always spotted from places I don't remember being able to get spotted from and a lot of the spots I used to use are not working for me because my awareness is not what it was. So I think I'm probably looking for a medium so that I can practice adapting do different situations which I used to be a lot better at.

So heres some tanks:


T9:Type 61, Cent7/1, ST-I (none of these have their top gun if that affects anything)

T8: STA-2, T-34-3 (my most played tank ever if that affects anything), JT88, T26e5, FV4204, 110, obj 416, IS-3, T-34-2 (I thnink these are all elited)

T7: Panther/M10, E25, IS-2B, ISU-122S, FV201(A45), Type 62, T-34-1, AMX 12t(I know this is t6 technically but it gets the same MM)


And I don't really want to go any lower than that because I feel like the game is just different at lower tiers and I don't really want to develop any habits that aren't relevant to the high tier meta.

So there it is. Any help would be appreciated.

TL;DR: I need one tank from this list to focus on playing exclusively to get some practice and work on map awareness, vision, reading the battle and flexing as well as generally finding ways to win games.

Thanks in advance.

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STA-2 or Patriot should do the job. They're rather flexible and rewarding.

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If you had a bit of time, let's say you just had an awful match on, say, Himmelsdorf. You probably have a replay from before your break that you could analyze to see the differences between your older and newer playstyles. 

It also depends on what you like to have in a tank. @Super_Rybak gave some pretty solid choices, although throwing in the IS-3 wouldn't hurt if you like the playstyle of fast heavies. Russian bias isn't too bad either :minidoge:

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Tried the same thing Super with the T-29. Game play has drastically increased over 3 weeks and it's helped my T-32 and Patriot play also.

Unfortunately I can't comment on your choices as I only have about 5 of them, and except for the Patriot or IS3, I wouldn't recommend focusing on any of the ones we share in common.

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Whenever I play like a retard again I watch Zeven's replay reviews. He is very good at pointing out mistakes in other peoples gameplay. 

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