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NEATT is looking for Refugees to help fight SJWs

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~Nice, Easy, and Tremendously Tight~


Okay now lets be honest here. This game is at an all time low of popularity, and an extreme inducer of high blood pressure.

How can you reduce these negative aspects you ask?


I mean we can't help with either of those, really... we can't... nobody can.

So I'm just gonna skip to the point. I'm gonna want to do strongholds a bit once we have players and what not, but for the time being justhang out in our dead teamspeak, play other games, and jerk eachother off.


If you are a fan of /pol/ or /b/, or even /gif/, we may just get along fine.


Really though, casual clan, looking for people who are of a decent stat and decently handicapped at the game who just want to hang out, have fun, and play some casual tanks. We also have slack for an even better memeshare between clammates Requirements will be as follows:




Requirements to join:

2000+ Recent WN8

58%+ Recent Winrate

Be in Teamspeak as much as possible

Viable Stronghold tanks (for when we eventually get there)

Ability to laugh at others' pity

Watch porn regularly


Some exceptions may be made to those who are able to take down Shia Lebeouf's "he will not divide us" flag



Contact Info:


Recruitment Contact: SkimpyLawnChair, RNGarbage

Complaints Department: Shizuo_Chan




Teamspeak IP:fuglytonks.teamspeak3.com

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