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GW-E100 - send love from above (reworked after 0.8.6)

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The GW-E100






The GW-E100 is based on the chassis of the E-100. The E-Series was a attempt to standardize the german tank production late in the war. The goal was to reach an easier and cheaper to produce line of vehicles for different purposes. The GW-E100 never reached the prototype stage.



The GW-E100 has the following main properties which also greatly influence skills and equipment:

  • worst mobility of all t8 artis (but not by mutch since arti nerf in 0.8.6)
  • good amount of HE damage per hit (3nd place among t8 artis)
  • medicore accuracy
  • can absorb more HE damage than any other t10 SPGs (not sure about british though)

The GW-E100 is more or less a jack of all trades but only achieves the top scores when it comes to ramming enemies, something nobody is really interested when playing arti. Your accuracy is good enough to hit quite often and the splash radius is also ok, which allows you to damage tanks hiding behind cover. But in every discipline you will find artis that are doing better.


Before we can spread our love in form of 21cm presents on the battlefields, we have to outfit this juggernaut with the right equipment and teach the crew some tricks. Usefull mods will also be mentioned.


Equipment and consumables for the GW-E100


To increase the mobility of your GW-E100 play with 100 octane gasoline. It doesnt help much but with this slow and cumbersome arti every bit of mobility one can get is needed. This helps you to avoid enemy counter arti and also in close combat.


For CW take out 100 octane and replace it with chocolate, this is just as important as gold amo. It increases overall crew performance by 10% including accuracy, aimtime and mobility.


The choices for equipment on arti are quite clear: gun laying drive for faster aiming and rammer for faster reload.


Now you may ask optics - wtf? The one who spots first, will shoot first or can run for cover ... and sometimes it even happens that arti has to scout. In the second half of the match many tanks are also driving around with damaged optics, giving you a HUGE advantage (400m + Optics + Viewrange skills vs. damaged tanks with normal viewrange between 390 - 400m) or a dead commander.


Furthermore camo on t6+ arti is mostly useless (see camo values below). These SPGs have a camo value nearly as bad as a Maus , so there is absolutly no sense in wasting a slot for camo net (every hull movement negates the effect by the way), and if u re spotted, your team fucked it up (not you) in most cases.


Camo values for t10 SPGs in % for standing/moving/firing - source:

GW-E100 - 1.7 - 0.9 – 0,1 -> Camo as a skill is useless for these big artis!!!


I have also seen some players who mounted a spall liner on their SPG. This is a really bad idea, because it decreases your mobility even more. It weights 1t for a GW-E100 and makes dodging of counter arti or infighting more difficult.



Crew skills and Perks


The first crew skill for the whole arti crew should be BIA, it increases every aspect of crew and vehicle performance by 5%. After that you gonna pick individual skills and perks for the crew members.


Commander – he should take 6th sense a his second skill. Personally I m not a big fan of 6th Sense.

Repair makes a good 3rd skill followed by Recon or Camo.

Gunner - Snap shoot right after BIA as the 2nd skill. The aiming circle doesnt become that big while moving the hull, so less time is wasted with aiming, even a fraction of a second will make the difference sometimes. This is followed by Repair and afterwards camo (useless as it is). Sadly there arnt any other options that make much sense: deadeye only works with AP and APCR and the accuracy and penetration for the GW-E100 arnt good enough to fire regular AP on t10 tanks.

Radio Operator - Aside from Situational Awereness there arnt that many usefull skills, so stick with BIA, Repair and situational awereness., which increases your viewrange by 3%, or ~12m; camo as the 4th skill. The skills that extend the radio range are useless atm because the maps are to small.

Driver skills As 2nd skill take clutchbraking and 3rd off raod driving followed by smooth ride or repair. - Oh yes :-) - nothing beats "AP time" when u re forced to do some infighting. The happy vibes coming over ingame chat after u blasted the enemy into tankers heaven ... .



An other important aspect is the repositioning after u fired your shoot. These skills in that order will really improve your mobility. It will make it nearly impossible to counter you even if you re in a GW-E100, proper terrain utilization and movement right after you fired is needed of course.

The gameplay video below nicely illustrates the benefits of the driver skills. Without them I wouldnt have survived this battle.



Loader - Safe stowage should be the 2nd skill for one loader because artis are prone to amorack explosions when shot by tanks. The other specific loader perks (adrenaline rush and intuition) are also usefull from time to time so one should use them. With 0.8.6 AP shells on GW-E100 became more usefull with a buff to 303mm pen (+60mm). Thats why I recommand putting intuition on both loaders now. Intuition is the only perk which is cumulativ giving you 34% chance (if both loaders have it - 2x17%), to switch to an other shell type without losing your loading progress.


Aside from that just take repair and after that camo.

A few words regarding Repair. It's also very important for arti. If enemy arti or a tank in close combat tracks you, it often helps you to survive these tricky situations by getting them up faster! First time you will use your repair kit of course but after that this skill can safe you. I often encountered enemies that where really suprised how fast I had my tracks up and started to turn the 21cm of doom into their face. It wont help against good players but the noobs are in for a suprise ;-) .

The following mods can really help you to become a better arti player:

  • reload timer and shell travel timer (included in Jimb0s Crosshair for example)
  • XVM shows who is really dangerous in the enemy team and should be taken care of first and the minimap mods include is also helpfull
  • The old serverside crosshair like in 0.7.4 and before („capslock+0“)is also a must have in my opinion. The difference between client and server can be really big especially for players with ping above 70ms or an unstable ping. So I strongly advice to use it for better accuracy. The current implementation by WG leaves much to be desired. It 's to jumpy for playing tanks or even aiming with arti in close combat.

Playing the GW-E100


isnt that much different from GW-Tiger or Obj 212. The most important thing for me is to position these slow moving and turning giants in a way that doesnt hinder acceleration or even support it. That means stay on solid or at least moderatly soft ground. Areas on the map that have a high ground resistance will make you an easy target for enemy counterfire or approaching enemy tanks because it slows you down even more. You can improve your mobility by parking these artis on small bumps in the terrain which gives you a nice speed boost when moving down from them after your shots. Dont park your arti in terrain depressions unless they are big enough for unhindered movement after every shot, climbing out of there is a really a time consuming operation.

After you gained some speed turn also slightly left or right or even move backward righ after your shot. Movement patters make you predictable and easier to counter.





Also avoid driving down trees, walls, fences or other stuff it gives away your position. Otherwise you might end up like that noob in the pictures below. And come on - getting "countered" before you even get a single shot out - if not that, I dont know a definition for arti noob.





Shooting and aiming with the GW-E100 is similar to the GW-Tiger except that you have a bigger gun traverse, not much but its better. Most of the time you have to use HE shells nethertheless some AP can also come in handy from time to time. Dont worry you can carry 30 shells so you wont run out of amo. The GW-E100 sadly „only“ has 303mm penetration with AP and the accuracy on greater distances isnt that good either, which makes HE the amo type of choice. You can try to shoot the sides of E100s and Maus with AP but all other t10 tanks are ether hard to hit or have to much armor to penetrate them reliable from greater distances (AMX50B is of course also easy to penetrate but quite mobile). AP on the GW-E100 works good in infights or cityfights when you can suprise your enemies or against mediums in close range sometimes, but that is often like russian roulette so better stick with HE there and maybe ram them if you managed to track the him (~87,5 t is your weight so dont forget that).


Aiming with the GW-E100 … well there is no way to discribe it properly, it comes down to experience and practice. I can only give some hints. The german „21cm Mörser 18/2“ takes the 2nd spot in the arc of trajectory*. While the Obj 261 has a flat trajectory often resulting in shells that fall short, the GW-E100 after 0.8.6 seems to have the 2nd highest firing arc. What does this mean for aiming? When you shot a stationary target lets say a KingTiger or E-75 the upper front plate or turret front where the gun emerges from the turret are probably the best spots to aim. The Obj 261 on the other hand will aim at the turret roof (frontal part). And always keep in mind the difference between serverside crosshair and clientside. The serverside crosshair is lagging behind the clientside in most cases at least for people with a higher ping (50ms+) or when there was a packet loss or lag spike.








*that's a parameter that usually doesnt appear in patch notes and certainly not ingame. This making it a prime candidat for hidden nerfs/buffs. Personally I have the feeling that WG played around with it serverside after the 0.8.6 patch.

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Nearing the end of this guide I d like to show you 3 videos featuring my GW-E100. The first battle is from 13th September 2012 (game version 0.7.5) on El Halluf causing 4712 dmg to the red guys. Nothing special about this replay.







The second video is one of my best rounds xp wise in the GW-E100, scoring more than 1800XP and 7 Kills on Swamp in a random battle from february 2012



The third video is one of the notorious PTS-Arti-Parties. It s really fun to take part in those, as long as you are in the right team. The replay is pretty old from beginning of 2012, taking place in El Halluf – enjoy!





As you can see from the first El Halluf video and the one on Himmeldorf the GW-E100 really gained from the new crew skill mobility wise compared to the battles on Swamp and the arti party. The later two videos are from the game version. Sadly I wasnt able to capture the ingame sound there.



A final word to the arti rebalance that happend with 0.8.6. Overall the GW-E100 didnt suffer that much from it compared to all other top tiers SPGs, the only thing I noticed is a slightly worse aimtime. Furthermore WG played around with ingame accuracy serverside after the patch for a while (at least on EU - a WG employee confirmed it to me in a discussion). The biggest effect was noticable for tanks, for artis it wasnt that great. As it is now arti accuracy is more or less on the same level as before 0.8.6 at least for the top tier SPGs - cant comment on lower tiers in generall. What really hit them hard except GW-E100 was the aimtime and reload nerf.

The result is that atm it's probably the best top tier all around SPG ingame (for random, CW is a different matter), if you can live with the "mobility". I didnt play the british t10 arti yet, but with a reload of ~50 sec it's not flexible enough in my opinion.


Furthermore WG fucked up the XP income for many artis. That was caused by the move up in the tiers. Overlord wrote in his block that WG isnt happy about it, monitoring the situation and will probably act with 0.8.9.

Rumor has it, that there might come a slight buff to some SPGs but not back to pre 0.8.6 level.





Hope you gained something from this little guide. At the end I have a little request – please dont form platoons, that only consist of SPGs. The MM has problems balancing it and that will often cause disadvantages for your team mates and yourself. In the long run it drags down your WR, XP and credit income. Thanks

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If I recall correctly the Conqueror GC and Bat 155 both have better arcs than the T92, therefore the GWE is now on the flatter end of the arc spectrum. 

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regarding the changes in trajectory with 0.8.6







fuck this - can some mod insert a place holder below my 2nd post or delete sr360 or move his post?


post 0.8.6 radley walter


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It would be better if you supplied new videos after the arty nerf imo


adjusted the last part of my guide (2nd post) - made it cristall clear now what I think of the post 0.8.6 GW-E100. Pls read again - at least that part




I m not quite finished yet. Was more concerned with the overall post and layout and wanted to put the picture from my 3rd post also in.

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Thanks for posting this.  I was actually giving some serious thought to changing my driver and gunner skills around a bit (for the longest time I didn't know snapshot and smooth ride actually helped SPGs) and you just convinced me to go ahead and do it.

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So what makes this arty worth playing at all compared to some of the others? May have missed it as i only skimmed the article. Im looking to go down an arty line, and love german tanks, so just trying to figure it out. 

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So what makes this arty worth playing at all compared to some of the others? May have missed it as i only skimmed the article. Im looking to go down an arty line, and love german tanks, so just trying to figure it out. 



Well its a long grind and thats the hardest thing about arti ... . And when it comes to grinding arti my impressions are outdated because:


- all 4 t10 SPGs I have I leveld up long before 0.8.6

- new SPGs added inbetween to fill the gaps

- never grinded artis below below t5, I always went from t5 tanks to arti (PIV -> Hummel, KV -> S51 ... )


That aside the moste pleasant even enjoyable grind was from S51 to Obj 261, though the 261 is the hardest to master t10 arti in my opinion, but I like to play it. All russian arti between t5 and 8 back than were good. Narrow field of fire is(?)/was the main character of the russain line, but good accuracy, high damage. Obj 261 is good enough to shot AP in some situations, but has flat trajectory and narrow field of fire. Below average damage with HE compared to other top artis.


Second best grind was the german line, with the GW-Tiger beeing just horrible imo, but Hummel and GW-Panther were really good. GW-E is a jack of all trades ... .


American line wasnt that much fun. Priest and M12 were horrible even before the arti nerf and I never really liked the long aim time of the top tier american artis, though that is compensated by the big splash and great traverse of the barrel.


French artis were just ... bad. From t5-8 --- (very fast) rolling shit on tracks. Wide field of fire, ok accuracy BUT no splash to speak of, often really low damage on direct hits or even 0 damage. Batchat arti is useless in CW because of long reload (75 sec now) or only used as secondary arti.


Brit SPGs  - no idea, playing only the t7 atm



that aside - read the guide, watch the videos, and  look on youtube or http://wotreplays.com for replays after 0.8.6 to compare them. The GW-E is the only arti that hasnt changed that much. Only real downside imo is the low mobility, that makes it not that good when changing postions is needed.





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you live up to that avatar...


o and fk arty

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Interesting writeup thanks. I am sitting on 80k exp on a maxed out GWtiger (well besides the GWE)


Haven't repurchased it since starting to play again since arty has less of a role in CW or organized play. High tier it was never great for earning either like most high tier tanks.

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