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[YOUJO][NICO] is recruiting! <3

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I wrote a nice little endorsement on the official forums that I might as well post here, too.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in YOUJO so far. The players in general are friendly, and I can find a platoon with clan-mates at almost any hour. We play pretty well competitively. We don't always win, but when we lose, people, whether the caller or the players, accept responsibility and are willing to try to learn from those mistakes. For me, it's a perfect balance of competitive and laid back. In my experience, the officer core have been nothing but accessible and transparent, both on TS and in private messages in game or on Discord. The only time I ever had an issue, I shot Tama a DM on Discord, and we resolved it quickly. There's only drama in this clan if you go out of your way to look for it.

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I know a couple guys in YOUJO. Just all around good people and great to platoon with. If they are an accurate representation of the rest of the clan, then props to the leadership and recruiters for doing a good job.

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