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TankRewards for March is up with a revamped website

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The title pretty much says it all, head to tankrewards.com, select your prizes, and post here what worthless stuff you got. The tanks they were giving out this time are pretty bad, but if you don't have a pref MM tier 5 and don't mind playing lower tiers I would recommend picking up the Excelsior, it's got a nice combination of firepower/armor/mobility/gun depression but is unfortunately balanced by having cancer gun handling and a low pen standard round (the apcr is a workable 141mm of pen). Even so, it's probably the only pref MM tier 5 I would play nowadays. Also a reminder that If you have one of the tanks offered as a prize, you'll get the full gold value compensated if you choose it.


I ended up with 54 points, I could have stayed up extra late to get those last 8 wins for an additional point but I think the drop rates on the Deluxe Crate are so skewed that it wasn't worth the extra effort to get what would most likely be 180k worth of prem consumables. I think the best way to go is get the Supply crate for tiers 1 and 2, pick your equipment of choice for tier 3 (it's worth more than the prizes in the standard supply crate and the drop rate on the PZ II J is probably tiny), and then pick a tank for tier 4 for gold compensation.


I love those 50% credit boosters, stack them with Battle Payments and you will rake in the credits during pub grinding sessions. Not a bad haul for a pretty easy event.

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Well for the "March of Nations" Event (59 Points) I scored a Patriot!  Grabbed the Pz IIIK (will try for the Excelsior next month), a V-Stab, and the rest was rations and premium consumables.

I have been participating in tank rewards from the start and have found it to be overwhelmingly positive for my garage for mainly just playing the game with a bit of a focus at times.  In addition to the rations, premium consumables, miscellaneous equipment, and personal reserves I have picked up 5 premium tanks, won 2 premium tanks through draws (one standard crate and one deluxe crate), and received a couple Gold equivalents.  Obviously, most of the premiums are not very good but earning a Type 64 and a T-34-85M in addition to begin drawn for a T28E with F30 and Patriot are highlights and great rewards.

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