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Looking for tourney team/tourney players [EU]

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I am currently looking to actively participate in something other than pubbie battles, and the tournaments featured in the portal are pretty appealing. I am either looking to join an existing team or try to form a new one, with decent/above average players.


Requirements for joining my elitist club:

• 1500ish+ WN8, with your recent stats being equal or higher to your overall stats

Competitive tanks readily available in your garage (e.g for T8: AMX 50 100, IS3 - for T6: Cromwell, Type 64, etc.), preferably w/ skilled crews and proper equipment mounted on them.

Discord (+microphone)

• English speaker (duh)

•  Don't be an ass


Also note that some friends of mine with decent stats (laying around the area of 1400-1600 WN8) can occasionally fill empty spots if necessary.


If you're looking to recruit me you're making a terrible mistake:

•  Be a decent team w/ decent players (I don't really care that much about stats atm, the overall stats mustn't be awful though)

• Actively participate in tourneys

• No horseshit rules (e.g. worship ppl or things like that, I really hope that such things like that go without saying)

• PM me so we can have a talk to see if I fit your requirements, and if you fit mine as well.


If you're interested, post down below to keep the thread alive and I'll contact you soon™ either in-game or via WoTLabs.

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