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BC 25T gameplay

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So i have been trying to improve on my BC gameplay and i would like someone to review and give me an idea on what i should change with my playstyle to improve 

I personally like getting into the fight and brawling i dont tend to stay back with the BC

I have vents stab and GLD with 20 APCR and 10 Heat 

Currently working on the 4th skill

1st skill set is six sense snap shot and off road driving

2nd skill set is BIA

3rd is Repairs

4th is recon designated target and clutch 

Game 1 Malinovka loss http://wotreplays.com/site/3514431?secret=00450afa5e41f6217281c926d1a7e71c

Game 2 West Field Win http://wotreplays.com/site/3514432?secret=00450afa5e41f6217281c926d1a7e71c

Game 3 Sacred Valley Win http://wotreplays.com/site/3514422?secret=00450afa5e41f6217281c926d1a7e71c

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You should definitally pick up camo skills, I'd even do it over repairs, though you have 4 skills you can squeeze it in, especially since consumables are reusable now... can repair tracks many times :^)

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yeah i was planning on doing camo next set of skills but with this update its really tempting to change to camo

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imo you should run optics instead of gld and use food, that way you get more or less similar aim time/dispersion, and it boosts the vision capabilities of the batchat

And yea, sit awareness over recon and camo is more useful than repair, but you definitely need repair as it gets tracked very easily.

Loadout is personal preference, 30/25/20 apcr and 0/5/10heat.

I would probably go with BIA Camo 6th sense Snap Shot Sit Awareness(Then Recon) Clutch Braking OffRoad Driving Deadeye and Repairs to fill in the gaps and Designated Target after all those non-repair are done

Source: 1k+ battles and 2marked, mostly aggressive but I have a 5skill crew and run food so both my gun and vision/camo is OP(and most 3 marked batchats use vents, stab and optics, because good crew + food means the gun is pretty k, especially if you play it close range, and bc is king of vision and camo fully maxed out)

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