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Post patch thoughts

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So far I'm loving it. Ignoring the shafting the T10 LT's got its the best patch in my memory IMO.


-Stun is the equivalent of a fly buzzing around your head. Irritating but generally not rage inducing. 


-Arty only whacking me for a few hundred at a time now instead of 7-8-900+


-MM is now taking its medication (for the most part) and making me much less miserable. Top tier? Get ready to farm damage. Bottom tier? There's at least enough stuff that you're capable of fighting without getting your shit pushed in.


It seems like it's better for the average-to-below-average players as well since they're not constantly getting bottom tier against a heap of good players. They're actually able to be somewhat useful when top tier.



Rating: 9/10 

-1 for curb stomping T10 LT's

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I really like the patch (for an average player view on it)

I think MM still needs work (still seeing 3xtop tier arty vs 3x top tier heavy/med) ,and while arty os a huge improvement, I think the stun radius should be about half way between where the blast radius was before, and where it is now. It just seems a little to large atm.

But other than that, huge improvement.

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Arty module damage was cut in half, which is good as otherwise you'd see your modules dying left and right with this improved accuracy, rate of fire, and splash.

Crew, however, might well be in greater danger. They don't have health and are just dead or alive, and the death chances haven't changed, but the number of times they have to roll to not die has gone up considerably.

Edit: Looks like it's not all arty, some of the lower tier ones weren't touched (which means that at a certain point you lose module damage by going up a tier).

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Patch is fine overall. I had a shitstorm of concerns before the patch, but 2 days in, it's pretty nice actually.

1. I gave up on light tanks for the most part. Just play my LTTB every now and then. At least the new light tanks are fun to shoot at. 

2. New MM is great overall, definitely better than before. It's more fair, but it kinda sucks always being put in a tier 9 match in my SuperPershing. It's that or an all tier 8 match.

3. Arty is not as rage-inducing, but still frighting to me. Splash radius is pretty ridiculous, especially for stun. Also, I frequently see 1-2 arty games on more open maps in which the top players by damage and experience are the arty. Whether it concerns you that a "support" class should be able to do so well in terms of damage is up to you. 

I also decided to buy the Crusader SP today, thinking about the arty changes. Have not yet unlocked top gun, but the stock one is actually quite fun even with penetration nerfs. The vanilla "battle assistant" works well (not as intuitive as BA though) and the tiny stock howitzer is still capable of doing upwards 2000 damage in a good game.

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Other Sovereign Like it too.... Sovereign should meet Sovereign some time. I'm on Relic TS most days if you are bored. :doge:

I also frequent wotlabs chat... 

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Very good patch outside of scout changes which need to be redacted to before CT Hotfix.

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The penalty for platooning in non-tier X tanks is pretty harsh.  The guys in my tag are genuinely talking about whether a social clan like ours can survive it.  I get the idea behind the 3-5-7, and when you play tier X its great, but tonight derping around with 3 DHO guys in tiers 4-8: 24 matches, bottom tier 24 times.  The only games we were not bottom tier was in 15 v 15 matches all the same tier.

It was about as unfun of a night playing as I've had in a while, we were even bottom tier in all of our pref-MM games.

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That's interesting.  I hadn't thought about how the new MM would affect platoons.  I mostly play solo, but now that you mention it, I did notice in my battles tonight that the platoons seemed to be in the bottom half of the list, so at least mid-tier in three tier battles.  

Only a few battles though.  24 out of 24....ouch...

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powercreep and the un-nerfed or even buffed LT's moving down MM has made mid-tier mediums largely irrelevant outside of a few small exceptions (pref MM ones mostly).

Tier 4 LT's became either workable or OP as fuck. Depending on their previous state.

Many Tier 5 LT's now are competitive with the Mediums of the tier, since Tier 5 MT's barely bounce anything anyway.

Many Tier 6 LT's blow most Tier 6 Mediums out of the water across the board in stats, but down 200-300 dpm so thats fair. :P  The last British tank that was popular, the Cromwell, looks to be on its last legs.

Tier 7 Mediums stay garbage, but Tier 7 LT's become what the Mediums should have been, which isn't hard, the Panther/M10 is still useful due to recent buffs and pref MM however.

Tier 8 is the Heavium tier for the most part, why choose a Pershing, that will likely get penned by almost everything, when you could go with either a well armored T26E5, or a 2000dpm, 35 hp per ton, higher camo M41?  Or daresay, the M41 90?

Tier 9 is where the mediums actually have the stats to compete with the LT's again.

If the Tier 10 LT's weren't nerfed hard, no one would bother with grinding a Medium line ever again, and just buy Premium meds with pref MM I think. (except the russian+clones of course)

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As someone who has never platooned the platoon MM changes almost made me reinstall the game again but alas it wasn't enough.

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Platooning in anything not tier X was always bad because the amount of platoons rises steadily with tiers.

My record were 23 games bottom tier in a 3 man tiers 4 to 8 in a row. So the patch didn't seem to fix that but it remains to be seen wether it is actually worse than before or just the same.

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Well, when you think about it everybody on the test server plays tier Xs and there are hardly ever platoons on test/SB servers.  I can see how it got missed, but punishing people for platooning after years of trying to encourage platooning seems like a WG kind of thing to do.

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i think the patch is 60 percent good. and 40 percent bad.  havent gotten to tier X lights yet but enjoyed the RU at tier 9 and the other lesser tier lights.  

out of the 13 games played yesterday i saw arty in every match and never did i run into just 1 or no arty.  The stun mechanic is BS with more than 1 arty per team.  Example if you have 3 arty on the enemy team, if time right arty can keep your crew stunned for a long period of time.  and with a 1 minute plus cool down for consumables it is just not fun to be stunned all the time.

My MM complaint i believe is more of a lack players online so we will see when the weekend hits if it gets better.  But i did notice some issues like your team getting 2 top tier arty while the other team gets a top tier med and arty.  Others are other team gets 2 top tier heavies (like tiger 1 and T29) while you get 1 top tier heavy (being the AMX M4 mle).  Notice as well that if you do run across some thing like this teams are just pushing one flank.  I do think the tank balance for MM needs to be addressed but i kind of like the old MM a little better due to at least matches lasted a while most of the time.  Now i feel like matches are much faster but again could be because of lack of players on to fully utilize the new MM.

The last thing which i think WG nailed in this update is the Map rotation.  With Normal battles, Encounter and Assault turned on very rarely did i get the same map twice in a row.  Out of the 13 matches played yesterday only map i saw twice was Malinovka both for encounter.


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13 hours ago, mistermcman said:

I think everyone is missing the real picture here being:


Its hardly changed and really flirting with op now

I was wondering about this. I'm assuming it stopped seeing tier 7, yeah? 


9 hours ago, Archaic_One said:

The penalty for platooning in non-tier X tanks is pretty harsh.  The guys in my tag are genuinely talking about whether a social clan like ours can survive it.  I get the idea behind the 3-5-7, and when you play tier X its great, but tonight derping around with 3 DHO guys in tiers 4-8: 24 matches, bottom tier 24 times.  The only games we were not bottom tier was in 15 v 15 matches all the same tier.

It was about as unfun of a night playing as I've had in a while, we were even bottom tier in all of our pref-MM games.

I hadn't thought about this, but it explains wtf happened to my friend and I yesterday.  I was all excited to play my Blackdog in tier 8 games but we only (and I mean *only*) got 9s and 10s, with a lot of 10s.  I was actually questioning whether it really had gotten the new MM.  Friend left, I went solo, and then maybe 3 out of my next 5 were tier 8 games.  I mostly play solo, so MM changes are good for me, but if that's what it's going to be like platooning tiers below 10, it will be hugely discouraging to people who mostly platoon.


My biggest complaint about the patch (other than T10 LTs getting raped) is that the stun mechanic still happens on low to zero damage arty hits.  bat arty hits my maus turret for 0 dmg and my crew goes full retard for 12 seconds.  0 damage hits should do zero stun, and the minimum stun time needs to be much less than it is.

My next biggest concern is how the vastly increased blast radius + aimtime/accuracy/bloom affects one's ability to stop in lights and meds, and how much danger there is for being damaged and tracked even when one is zipping around.

Going full speed (and not in a straight line), then come to a hard stop and take just enough time to shoot something too far off to shoot on the move (so ~3 seconds), and bam, 650 dmg, dead. 

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Is there any streams to watch how it works Live? 

Ive tried the CT server and didnt like how the stun worked and pulling the numbers from WG make it retarded.

  • Engine-specific power decreases 30% and the speed—25%.
  • Suspension traverse speed decreases 20%, while the turret traverse—40%.
  • View range deteriorates 25%.
  • Dispersion on the move increases 50%, dispersion upon turning the hull and turning the turret each increases equally.
  • Reload and aim time increase 50% each.
  • Accuracy decreases 25%.

Is it just me who thinks the numbers is way too high? Looking at accuracy, reload and aimtime its almost like having a dead crew member and I dont really care how WG puts it, 20s+ is a long time ingame if your not setup way back. 

If arty would be limited to 1 per team it would be perfectly OK because worse case scenario if you are focused, you get out the first stun (medkit) and have time to relocate and if youre hit again your medkit is ready to go if he hits you again. 


I just dont get it how they think "double penalty" is a fine way to fix artillery. They even have said something like "now artillery will be less frustation both for the artillery and the receiving end". Do they even play this game? 

Edit: And thinking of how artillery players usually play this game, giving them the ability to shut down a flank and giving them 50% less dpm is way to OP if the other teams artillery is a bot-like player.

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Arty was mega-buffed.  The stun is overpowered now that arty's aim time, reload, and splash radius has been buffed.

Just wait until you're in heavies trying to push a flank and it gets focused by 3 arty.  RIP.  

Arty needs some major nerfs now.

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There's a new .xml file in the client called "stun.xml". It contains the following:

   <baseStunDuration>   30  </baseStunDuration>
   <minStunDuration>    5   </minStunDuration>
   <shellEffectFactor>  1   </shellEffectFactor>

I don't have anything more on that, but I imagine there's some various factors taken into account. Might be distance, tank armor thickness, etc.

Also, all spall liners, irrespective of weight, have these keys added:


The item description in-game says 10% reduction in stun time...but I don't always trust the item descriptions.

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Who ever b*tched about arty... take it back. I would much rather deal with the old mechanics than this one. Fine, if we stick with this one, give them the stun, but nerf the damage, however, keep the old reload times, and decrease splash area to achieve the stun effect. Spending the entire game stunned because arties focus you isn't fun. Yes, we'll win, but... damn, being the sacrificial lamb sucks. I think my crew was having "shell shock" from the previous game before, I swear.

Maybe I should just stick to medium tanks this patch... not sure.

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