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Next Clam Wart Campaign

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I've been hearing some talk about the next campaign and how it's going to work, but I've haven't seen anything about it, so could someone give me all the juicy details? 

And while we're on the subject of campaigns, any idea whether there's going to be a tier <8 minicampaign like the ones for the IS-5/T95/KV4 or the T23E3?

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I heard t8 minicampaign(which would have been fcm/t23e3 anyway afaik thanks to alternating between that and is-5/t95/kv-4kres - easy gold) got removed (confirmed on Asia) and the season extended for all servers, pretty much another month due to issues with 9.18. I am guessing after that it will be the next cw season, as the extension basically replaces the minicampaign.

IDK about what this change to campaign you are talking about its more or less always the same camp-pain with easy tanks and terrible un-fun camping battles (that now are for a while) vs similar skill level clans recently thanks to ELO MM for campaigns. Pretty much I would wait till it hits because WG just turn one problem into another, and your officers/you would be better able to deal with it then. Seeing as t8 minicampaign should have been round about now but kind of got overshadowed by 9.18 and replaced, tier X campaign should be in another 4-5 months.

Hope this helps, someone else would probably know what changes you are talking about but I can't say I've heard of it as 1k+ cw player/sometime last resort caller.

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on asia server there is no minicampaign planned afaik.

This season was extended, then next season starts after a small break and next season has the tier 6 map removed. Apparently resources that would have been designing the campaign have been focusing on Strongholds, advances and the like. 

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I didn't think anything could get more aids than the campaigns but this recently CW season has proven me wrong. 

I'd welcome a mini-campaign even if it's for some trash tier 8 that'd I'd only play in strongholds. 

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