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4HIM 4EVER Silver League Team is looking for players!

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Hey guys, 


After a successful season of Silver League in which 4HIM 4EVER made the playoffs and fought Danger Close in the first round, we are now looking to fill a couple spots that were emptied because of time constraints. Last season was the first experience with e-sports for most of us. We were encouraged by the success and now are hungry for more. We will be having multiple tryouts as the season approaches and will be scrimming as well. If interested in joining the team, contact ephebus, or muscles1, or Runescape. Our ts is 4him.typefrag.com:4480 and our PW is savedbyGRACE  If you sit in the Recruitment Room, someone will come and talk to you.


 Also, you can't see who is in the rooms without permissions so the ts is not empty, you just need permissions.


   We are not your typical S.L. team for the following reasons:

  1. We have a strict no language/no disrespect policy for every member of the team.
  2. Our comms are normally very structured which allows us to maximize our efficiency before and after matches.
  3. With our background being from a faith based clan, it is important for a potential team member to be tolerant of the team atmosphere.
  4. We have a chip on our shoulder after being knocked out of the playoffs last year, and we want to dominate more then ever.


   Our requirements include: 

  1. Being available for all match days on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 P.M. EST and practice twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  2. Be able to mold to our team, you need to fit in.
  3. Have a strong map awareness and knowledge of all game mechanics. 
  4. Be an exceptional player and preferably have previous league experience. Calling experience is a bonus.
  5. Be respectful of each other, follow the rules, no language in chat, and be tolerant of the other members faith.
  6. Have meta tanks and have a mastery of them.  The meta tanks will be listed below in order of preference
  7. Clean mic background and easy to understand voice.
  8. English only
  9. Have a sense of humor, we like to laugh.

Meta Tanks: Heavy Tanks:                           

  1. Maus
  2. AMX 50B
  3. 113
  4. IS-4
  5. T57 Heavy
  6. Kranvagn
  7. Type 5 Heavy
  8. IS-7
  9. FV215B
  10. E-100


   Medium Tanks:

  1. Bat Chat 25t
  2. TVP T 50/51
  3. Obj.140
  4. STB-1
  5. T-62A
  6. E-50M
  7. Leopard 1
  8. Obj. 430
  9. Centurian Action X
  10. AMX 30B


   Tank Destroyers:

  1.  Strv 103B
  2. Grille 15
  3. T110E3
  4. FV 215B 183
  5. FV4005
  6. T110E4
  7. Obj. 263
  8. Jagdzilla


Light tanks: Still to be seen


Tier 9 tanks to own:


  1. Bat Chat 25t AP
  2. WZ-111 1-4
  3. Skoda T50
  4. T-10
  5. T-54
  6. AMX 30
  7. Type 4 Heavy Tank
  8. T30
  9. Obj. 430 v.2
  10. E-50


Tier 8 tanks to own:


  1. AMX 50 100
  2. Skorpion/Rhumba
  3. M41 90 GF
  4. WZ-132
  5. IS-3
  6. Defender
  7. Obj. 416
  8. O-ho

The following sigs are last season's team as I am not sure yet what out current roster is:



Remember, there's no hurt in asking. If interested in applying for the team, hit us up!

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13 minutes ago, Spartan96 said:

You know the dq was for overwolf plugin?

Yeah..... gotta love overwolf. We'll wreck the league next season because of that chip on our shoulder.

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