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post your favorite guns

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5 hours ago, leggasiini said:

Give me german premium TD with V-3 cannon:

Kuvahaun tulos haulle v-3 cannon


Just imagine the reload time, loading all those booster charges.

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6 hours ago, Spartan96 said:

Kimber stainless II in 45

Sig P320 in 9mm PB

(226 is great if it werent to start around 850 USD)


I just bought a kimber! I should have it soon and will post pics. until then I will post picks of the best handgun of all time. 


Cabot guns Meteorite 1911


"The Greatest Generation" 1911


Colt 1911 engraved by Barry Lee Hands

Image result for rose gold 1911

Kimber Rose Gold Ultra Carry II


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4 hours ago, SaintLaurentius said:

Have you fired it irl?

Nah, currently saving money for an MP40 right now. Lahti is on the list though. 

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2 hours ago, Assassin7 said:



Woo New Zealand

With the new blasters, in Australia, they are detuned!


I mean, sure gun laws are good and all, BUT FUCK ME, THOSE AREN'T ACTUAL GUNS!

Still annoyed you need to jump through many hoops for airsoft shit.

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Hungarian folklore from motherland:

Gepárd (Cheetah) GM6 Lynx version



The GM6 'Lynx' is a semi-automatic anti-material rifle. The rifle was designed to be compact, lightweight, accurate, portable and easily deployable for immediate use. Most rifles chambered in .50 BMG are heavy, long, bulky, and are of a slowly operated bolt action. Many not even magazine fed. 

Due to the bullpup configuration, most of the weight is re-distributed to the rear of the rifle allowing for the possibility of off hand firing. This is near impossible with most other .50 BMG rifles. Thanks to the unique barrel recoil technology, the rifle's recoil is less than the other rifles in the same category. This design also allows the rifle to be transported at a length of only 915 mm. It operates with standard .50 BMG rounds. Assembled with match grade Lothar Walther barrels, capable of sub-MOA accuracy with match ammunition.


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8 minutes ago, 1n_Soviet_Russia said:

Puny 50 cals

I know man... Pistols and rifles felt underwhelming after I fired 95 S 58-61 "Musti" couple of times.... There's a video filmed by me on youtube about it. I think it was the loudest weapon system in the FDF at the time.

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