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which positions to take in high tier mediums?

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what are the best positions for high tier mediums? i often feel like i get killed in my tier 10 meds because im not in the right spot at the right time.

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19 minutes ago, CheekiBreeki_ said:

Well some more information would be nice, for instance, what maps do you struggle in? Are you in the wrong position later or early in the game?

always in early game and mostly on maps like prokhorovka malinovka and sometimes on redshire, im just struggling to find a good spot to do alot of dmg from and also not take much in return. 

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Prok = play the middle ridge, take quick shots and go dark and move around to throw off the aim of the campers/opposite ridge or just farm hill.

Mali = play windmill, take quick shots on their tonks as they climb to deny, GTFO if you sense overmatch

Redshire = lul snipe from middle hills on camping TDs and heavies crossing into the brawl area if you have competent scout. 1 line if you've got decent armour and noone else is spotting that, getting flanked from their sucks.

I dunno in general you just want to 1. Get easy, free initial damage on people moving into position 2. Watch your map and react to situations that occur.

Don't camp in your top tier tonks, stay alert. Also you should consider team comps, sometimes you can predict an overmatch and try doing that next best thing.

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It's not really about "good spots," it's about lanes of fire.  In general, try to set up with over watch on the enemy's lanes of advance, but how you do this will depend on the enemy comp and the deployment of their tanks, particularly scouts. You won't figure this out in advance, so be ready to adjust  

By now, you know the common paths taken to the fighting areas on both sides. Locate positions from which to put fire on those routes with good escape lanes. Be willing to accept as little as one free damage shot and relocate if enemy deployment makes your position untenable for sustained fire. 

Also, don't just think in terms of these initial positions as some kind of fixed opening move. Analyze any imbalance between comps and your own team's deployment that work in your favor and adjust your initial positioning to take advantage or defend.  If possible, work the side of the map where your team will likely have the advantage, which might be with the heavies in some matches. By defend, I don't mean camp, or cover a weak side.  I mean work as a force multiplier or opening exploiter/flanker to break up stalemates where you have to succeed on the map in order to win. 

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@Archaic_One gave you a great place to start.

But this game is more than just finding "farming spots".  Read team lineups.  Are they heavier or are they lighter? How fast are they overall, what map did you get, what spawn did you get, how good do you think the enemy team is?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself when starting a game.  For example on Prok north spawn.  You're in a batchat let's say, you know you have a good camo crew and you see on the enemy team that they most likely do not have tanks that will play hill aggressively.  So you can go up the hill, sit in the bushes there and work the bushes by 1)lighting targets and 2)shooting them.  You win hill, push the flank, come up behind middle on the south side of tracks and boom game is won from there unless you royally fuck it up.

Mid game is more about making good trades and plugging up/pushing flanks that need to be pushed in order to win.  End game is mopping up quickly and safely.

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6 hours ago, Shifty_101st said:

Some pretty kewl stuff

Isn't there a kewei article on this sort of thing?

@SQUARE_HAMMER i found it :)

In this article kewei basially talks about how to get good at tanks by constantly analysing each and every battle.

You can do a lot even if your early game is bad, though the post on micropositioning is very useful to go hand in hand with in-game analysis. They work together to pad wn8 win games.

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