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Nothing SUPER crazy. Just a green pleb kicking pubbies. Even though this isn't in the tape study section (why is this section of the forum so ded anyway? I don't think there's any shortage of amazing games from the people on this forum), I'd appreciate it if anyone could give some critiques or advice. That said, I'm quite pleased with my play in this game. I guess that bounce from the T-150 was kinda lucky, otherwise the SU-100M1 might have killed me. I've done 4.7k in the STA once before, but that was just a massive farm and I didn't even get an ace for it xD.

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1 hour ago, SaintLaurentius said:

Do you know what meme means? If not, google it.

I do actually. I don't think this is technically an incorrect usage of the term

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