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t110e5 on sacred valley

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link: http://wotreplays.com/site/3570294?secret=9b1d48a7210121e7afcec022fd5fef07

OK... a south spawn game, and basically what happened was, I went mountain (9 line) instead of brawl zone (1 line), and we weren't able to push either of the flanks. Looking back, I'm not sure what I could've done. Here's my thought process:

(1) Both teams had 1 top tier heavy, and the enemy had a slightly "heavier" comp. Should I go brawl? TBH, I have irrational fear of 1 line, because I don't know any good position for it. Hugging to hill exposes either my LFP or cupola, and ppl in front usually block backrow's line of sight. I didn't want to trade punches with E-100 -- he can just take his shot, get back and let teammates cover him during reload.

That ditch on the left seems tempting, but it's arty triggering and most importantly a waste of my armor.

(2) So I went 9 line, and I didn't push mountain top. I feared my 20km/h ass would be busted on the way to the top. So instead I went to the slope by the bridge, hoping to cut off ppl poking there and escort my teammates climbing up. However they didn't reach it, and I found myself flanked.

(3) GG after 2000 dmg, and that ebola feeling of "could've done better":cri:


Any suggestions & opinions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.:wave:


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