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9.18 Top Tier MM Potential Bug

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Haven't played the Liberty but the mod1 is shit regardless of the MM IMO so that's what happens when you play it.


I've been grinding credits in my Defender, Lowe, and Skorpion and have been doing just fine with the new MM. Ground out like 2mill credits on Saturday averaging 3k wn8 and around 60% w/r so it hasn't had an effect on my stats or credit grinding capabilities.


Ok so taking the relatively statistics from above of 26.1% and 41.1%. A difference of 15%. Which sounds like its a big difference when you're talking about 15% less of your matches at top tier. But if you think about the opposites, thats 58.9% and 73.9% as not top tier.


So if you could  which if the following would you choose between:


- 58.9% of your matches as NOT top tier, with a random amount 1-2 tiers above you. With the entirely real possibility of facing 8-14 tanks 2 tiers above you. 




- 73.9% of your matches as NOT top tier but a guaranteed maximum of 3 tanks 2 tiers above you, and 5 tanks 1 tier above you. 


I think two many of you are looking at ONLY the difference between amount of time as top tier. As opposed to the amount if time that you spend actually able to play properly because there's not a heap of tanks above you, only a maximum of 8.

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