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How brave are you

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Jamcam has been brought back from the dead with South American witchcraft and thus the resurrection of BRVE has begun.

We're starting off looking for people with 2400+ recent wn8 and 59%+ winrate

Strongholds are gonna be our main gig until we can get enough active players for real deal CW

Players with calling experience are especially welcome so we don't have to listen to Jam's gurgling and puffing 


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I'm interested. We platooned together last summer. I just came back last week so I'm still shaking my rust off, but I'd love to do some strongholds. Need creditssss.

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@MEGUSTAPOW You might want to update the clan description, which says you're not looking for any members:


On a side note, as you can see in the above link, BRVE has a level 10 stronghold. Join us so we can start doing them!

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