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Mentoring Anyone (NA server)

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Hey guys 

I have in the past mentored some new players and now with my schedule being more open im willing to start mentoring again 

i currently play at 2.8k to 3k recent wn8 while I am on a silver league team currently (go Lincoln brigade)

I generally play teir 7-10  but enjoy 10s more

The session would last for an hour or 2 depending on yourself 

I can also do group mentoring up to 2 people so feel free to bring a friend 

Currently i use discord for coms but if you prefer TS i have it also

The way I would go about a session would be about 10-15 mins or longer discussing any questions you may have about the game etc 

Then we can either play random battles together/ head into a training room or I can review your replays and give my ideas on them

If you are interested I can also show replays from myself and explain my process of how I play 

If this peaks anyone's interest feel free to msg me here or in game 

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In all seriousness, how are you at sniping, redlining and bush camping?  I am doing the swedish TDs and I bought an M10 in preparation for the E50M line and I have come to realize that I suck balls at sniping.  I mean SUCK at it, as in you really don't want to see archaic on your team in an M10.

I suck at positioning a sniper, so I'm sitting there being useless, so I get inpatient and push into brawling areas to get shots in weak snipey tanks with predictable endings.  

I would love for somebody who is familiar with shooting lanes on a lot of maps to give me some guidance on where to go to be relevant from long range.  I have several tier 9-10s than can play the redline game to practice with.  

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I believe i am a good sniper with 75%+ hit rate  on all my teir 10s (besides my arty but i dont play that anymore)

For redlining i dont tend to do that very often but i know how to do it enough to atleast do something while im at it 

For Bushes im always using them in every tank to try and get the upper hand so yeah i know how that works 

Shoot me a PM and we can setup a time and ill help you with all that 

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Damn man you cant be telling my secrets to the world otherwise what would i teach the people i mentor 

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9 hours ago, Madxbrad13 said:

I believe i am a good sniper with 75%+ hit rate  on all my teir 10s (besides my arty but i dont play that anymore)

Hit rate doesn't have much to do with being a good 'sniper'. Hit rate won't be your limiting factor in dealing damage as long as you have genera knowledge on how to lead shots. The limiting factor will be map knowledge and the position of enemies and allies.
A good 'sniper' constantly re-positions based on the flow of the match. You basically want your 'red-line' to be constantly moving.

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