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Do you have a love/hate relationship with tanks?

Are you tired of playing against this new arty?

Have you been looking for a laid back community of players?


DIMBO might be for you then!

DIMBO members are made up of a melting pot of backgrounds. Though we do take our name from the old Mafia clans, we are not looking to revive any of them anytime soon. Rest at ease tex :brokenheart:


We are looking for:

Activity on our discord while in game (found here: ).

  • 1850ish Wn8
  • 54%ish WR
  • Some tier 6s/8s/10s


Apply now by contacting either: ChickenThighSamurai, Deathtanker, TorchofFreedom



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9 hours ago, SaintLaurentius said:

Is Antibullyranger Tex ded or just done with the game?

I actually got a response from him when I asked him about the keys to KIMBO


So he's alive... at least in the forums

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