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Best directives for future tryharding


Hello all,

So with the new ranked gamemode out, after playing a couple of days im confident i can place in league 1 without much trouble, which means that hopefully as time goes on ill have a lot of bonds to spend (after i get 1/2 of each equipment i need to juggle around) so im wondering about which directives are generally best for tryharding marks for example. Since i like min/maxing and theorizing i would love to start a discussion here about the best directives to use when people start having excess bonds. 

So here what i came up with so far. Would love some input from top level players (or anyone else that has something useful to add ofc).

Obvious contenders: 

  1. Orderly ammo rack (-2.5% loading time)
  2. Vent purge (+2.5% crew skill)

Things im unsure about but seem good compared to the rest: 

  1. Stabilizer greasing (+5% vert stab effect) 
  2. Snap shot/smooth ride directives (doubles the skil effect if you have it, adds the skill if you dont) 
  3. Increased focus (-1s off 6th sense time)

The other ones dont stand out to me compared to the ones listed above, but feel free to tell me why im wrong. Maybe getting a full firefighting crew when you dont have enough skills for it yet could be good (to mount food consumable safely), but i doubt that is better than the other options. 

One thing to note is that the snap shot/smooth ride directives seem to give the same kind of effect as the vert stab one, which would imply one of the two is straight up better. I believe that the increase for the skills are 7.5% and 4% for snap shot and smooth ride respectively (thats what it says on the wiki so take it with a grain of salt i guess, if someone can confirm/deny please do). If im not mistaken the vert stab directive would do 5% for both turret and hull movement, so that would mean the smooth ride directive is ALWAYS worse compared to the vert stab one, and the snap shot directive would also get beaten on most tanks.

Another thing to note is that for most directives the increase in effectiveness of the equipment is 25% (12.5% compared to 10% for example), but for the ventilation the increase is 50% (7.5% instead of 5%). Since vents are considered a tier 1 equipment, would that mean the vents directive is really strong compared to the other ones?


Sorry for wall of text. Any input for a discussion is appreciated. The best setups will probably be widely disputed, but i mostly made this post to figure out which options are legitimate. If this belongs anywhere else feel free to move it or tell me where to post this instead :) . Ive seen many short discussion about the new mode, but nothing specifically about this topic yet, and I think it fits here because we could have all the purple player's opinions in one spot.

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Id go with whatever directive that compliments the tank best. 

Rammer/VStab/Vents stacks are ideal because you get the most out of the gun. The Vent increase in the directives is the biggest one, but it doesnt mean it's the biggest change. 

It's on a per tank basis. 

Bloom is generally something I try to get down to an acceptable level first. If it is already, final accuracy. If that is as well, then DPM. 

What does that extra shot per every minute matter if you have 2 that miss anyway? 


This is generally for meds since very few heavies besides FV, 50B and Maus have acceptable guns, and the whole VStab thing doesnt work for TDs. 

Pz7 has a decent Gun that will hit shots, but DPM is abysmal -> go DPMbuff

E 50M has a great that will also hit shots but DPM is atrocious -> Go DPM (or Vents if you're like me and never really use DPM since redline LUL) 


But then you have tanks that cant do either. IS-4, IS-7, T57 and 113 have derpy guns that wont be fixed with just 1 directive -> here's where personal preference comes in cuz u wanna hit your shots but also fire more, So think about your avg engagement range in the tank you're playing and decide if acc is a stat that matters more than shooting an extra shell. 

I prefer good guns with lacking DPM over the other, so for me it's obvious.

The T110E5 is an obvious vent stack. Its good but you need the final acc to drop etc

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So I believe there are two methodologies to go about when choosing equipment: 

  • Make the best part of the tank better
  • Make the overall tank better

For instance, take the STB. It already has insane dpm and average final aim accuracy, however, the gun handling is horrible. In this case, I'd suggest both vert stab upgrades as you are now taking full control or advantage of this gun. Looking now at a tank that you'd make overall better is something like the Patton. Nothing really is bad or too good about it (besides the gun handling sorta) so at this point, I'd suggest vents and maybe the rammer directive. As @Kolni mentioned in some of his past posts, vents affect the final accuracy which is probably one of the single largest important things in this game especially if its in the mid .3's

I can't comment directly on the skill directives but I think you have it right where the skill is always worse then equipment since the skill has stipulations on its attributes, "not moving etc."

Personally, I don't see a use for the sixth sense either. I'm sure most of us have come accompanied to the change as of the last few patches. Furthermore, the vision meta is basically dead on all but a few maps so many of times when you go for a spot check on a corridor map you either spot something else or you are already back in cover before some bot can you shoot you back. 

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Thanks @Kolni  and @Rspctd for the responses . Any input on the 6th sense one? Really can't judge whether that one is good or not compared to stacking gunstats. Is it situational or just not good enough?

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 I assume at some point we will start to get a feel for the economy value of a bond because obviously it takes a lot more work to earn them - but using the cost of a Mk 1 VStab vs an iVstab the cost in credits for 20% improvement equates 125 credits per bond for 25% improvement.  I noticed there were no different classes for iEquipment so the value of them scales up for heavy tanks and large caliber guns compared to regular equipment.  Something to keep in mind I guess.

While WG puts a value on XP conversion for skills, its not really an apples to apples comparison because the more you play a tank - the more of a value the skills are.  Also, keep in mind that most people are going to use their bonds to enhance their pet tanks so they probably already have really good crews.  As there are really only a limited number of crew skills that have much value - using bonds to mimic a crew skill on your 5 skill crew is probably not much use.  I tend to agree that stacking equipment values probably has a lot more value to most players on most tanks.

I will point out that free fire fighting only costs 2 bonds, which is a bargain on tanks that want food but burn easily.  Its not as good as an AFE, but 2 bonds is cheaper than a manual FE and gives you a '4th' slot for a kind of ghetto extinguisher and might be the exception to the 'dont waste bonds on crew skills' theory.  



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Stacking a directive to enhance your vents, rammer, optics, or vstab is always going to be helpful and relevant. However the rule of thumb is usually whichever gives you the most flexibility or otherwise cures your worst weaknesses. Think how convenient it would be that you could have a crew without any repair skill and simply by using the directive slot suddenly repairs are maxed out. Or perhaps you're seal-clubbing running a mid-tier tank with crappy view range, you could stack super-optics with the optic directive and possibly hit view range cap without needing to sit still for binoculars to kick in.

Also, another thought comes to mind. When using tanks.gg to measure dispersion penalties for movement, it only rounds up to the second decimal point. That means that in many situations, these new buffs aren't enough to round to the next value. If the game also only considers the first two decimal points, then that has some serious ramifications to whether or not vstab enhancements will be worth it. Can anyone confirm whether or not the game actually measures dispersion to the third decimal place?

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