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What the heck are wg doing with the nameless?

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Okay i know that @ThomChen114 has already made an article on these tanks, but i think i need to link quickybabys video to do the tank justice... because the tank is the most op bit of crap i have ever seen.


Quickybaby said that it was a

Pay to win tank

Completely overpowered

Had the best aspects of the liberte, patriot and defender (which he said were op) BUT BETTER

Had no place in the game


THIS IS QUICKYBABY- the stuff he said sounds like it should be said by foch (though foch would swear a lot more). Quickybaby making a stand against this is rare

Note this comes from 19:30 after the battle



This tank has an 88m with 300? alpha, 220ap/260apcr dpm that is as good as a patriot, better gun handling and accuracy than a patriot, and 8 degrees of gun depression so it must be slow, right?


50km/h top speed, 16.something power to weight, and terrain resistances better than the patriot. So its faster than most mediums. OKAY THEN


Well, so its op, but at least it has no armour right?


basically 230 all over the front, going up to almost 260 when angled. The cupola is a "weakspot" (200-260 effective all around), and with 80mm side armour, its not like the side is paper either.




They are anime characters (please spare my eyeballs)



In terms of the game, as wg wants to keep their anime characters in anime tanks, YOU CANNOT SEND THE CREW TO THE BARRACKS. THIS TANK CANNOT BE USED AS A CREW TRAINER. Wg haven't added a japanese tier 8 ht crew trainer, so the prem they add cannot train crew??? Isn't that one of the purposes of a premium tank?


Why is it even here?

And lastly, mostly because i need to stop somewhere because the list of things messed up with this turd, why is a tank that never existed on paper, that was never a tank, THAT DOESNT EVEN LOOK LIKE A TANK is doing in a game based around semi realistic combat? why does this exist in the first place?


Image result for wot nameless

 All, in all, wg have created a tank that shouldn't exist, added it, and then made it better armoured and gunned than most tier 9s. it leaves the patriot, chrysler, defender and liberte in the dust as the most op tank they have ever released.

So would I buy this tank? obviously its op.

Well no, for a few reasons.

1. its an anime tank, screw that crap.

2. that involves giving money money to wg.

3. I don't have any money anyway.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, wg have continued to powercreep this game. Wait a few months, and theyll have a hentai tank with boobs drawn on that does 750 alpha, with 300 pen, a 500mm effective upper plate, that travels at 90km/h backwards that doesn't have ammunition, but instead fires panties or something Oh and the crew will be all body pillows.

Seriously, they'll just keep introducing more op tanks. Oh and more black ones too XD

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4 minutes ago, Inciatus said:

Is this a legitimate thing or is wargaming and some people pulling a fast one?

this is a legit tank they are selling in the Asia server only, along with the Edelweiss which is just a more mobile version of the Nameless which handles like a Panther II and Centurion I but better in so many ways.

the Valkyria Chronicles tanks are a result of Wargaming's partnership with SEGA (who own the VC franchise), and thus they get to introduce these tanks into WoT. hurray for anime fanboys, but hurray more-so for WG's short term profit strategy

if WG wasn't apparently short on cash they'd probably made use of the Valkyria Chronicles tanks in a fun game mode like they did with 8-bit. The new game mode could've had us play in the Nameless, Edelweiss, and Lupus (another VC tank only available in WoT blitz) and given us some rewards and keep the crew after the game mode has ended, again like they did with previous game modes.

a missed opportunity, not the most profitable in the short term but could've been fantastic and probably more effective in the long term by attracting new and old gamers along with fans of the VC franchise into WoT

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2 minutes ago, ZXrage said:

Just get a Strv S1 and shit on these things. 88mm gun means no overmatch and your 288mm pen can butter the armor.

This tank is disgustingly overpowered, though.

that requires giving wg money though... the only match for a prem tank is a prem tank XD

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If anything, the one we should question is market analysts in Wargaming about how they conducted a market study to conclude that selling these tanks will net a profit in the first place. After all, implementing thing ain't cheap, and don't forget licensing shenanigan on top of the usual capital cost for getting new tanks.

Oh, and Asian Forum admin has this to say: Source


Okay, so I have heard back from the game balance team. The stats are what they are because they want to stay as true as possible to how the Edelweiss and the Nameless are in the original VC game, hence the weight and the speed that they have now (which wasn't realistic to begin with, TBH). But if you have played the old VC games, you would also know that the game does not have any data regarding these tanks' armour so this was a game balance call to make them how they are now.

Suffice to say, even some Valkyria Chronicles fans also find it stupidly overpowered when take the setting of their original game into consideration.

To make it easier for everyone to understand; in the original game that Edelweiss and Nameless came from; everyone and their dogs are still mucking around interwar tanks like T-28, BT-7 or Char B1 and whatnot (Hell, one of enemy tanks you face in that game is British Medium MK III in all but name), which should put Edelweiss and Nameless at Tier 6 at most if they really want to stay true to source material.

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I'm with GehakteMolen, what WG have done is disgusting. This is beyond bad game balance, its fucking with the whole core of what WoT is supposed to be about - a Pseudo historical WW2 to Korea-ish tank game. The fact that these hideous monstrosities are game-breakingly OP is just the extra peanut in the turd sandwich.

And to be honest.. I have no doubt that most of the ass-hats on the SEA server who bought them didn't do it because they are huge VC fans, they bought them because they are keen to jump right into the new P2W paradigm that WG has decided to embrace over the last 12 months.


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I know that WG's notion of 'historical accuracy' has always been very loose at best, but their rule has always been that even the most impractical blueprints still need the actual blueprints to end up putting a tank in the game. With this, that line has been crossed. And of course the aesthetics are obnoxious and out of place. I thought the paint schemes for the Liberte and Patriot were pretty bad (and there's much worse than that on the console and blitz versions) but the whole idea of anime tanks is a whole new level of pandering and money-sucking. Just how broke are WG that they have to resort to these desperate measures? But at any rate so long as these abominations stay on the Asia server they won't be my problem.

Still, there's the completely separate problem that these tanks are rendering other tier 8 heavies obsolete, and yet another problem that once again that frontal armor has no weakspots and is thick enough to make it utter cancer to fight against unless you have stupidly high pen to work with.

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Few minor things QB got it wrong.

It has -5 to the front, -8 to the sides

80mm side armor was never the problem. 40mm spaced tracks are.

UFP is rounded, 235-270 otherwise overangling.

LFP is around 200 when you consider the gun height of various vehicles, QB picked an overly high angle of approach, too close to be exact.


Other things are pretty much as stated, apart from the traverse speed which makes me hate it, overpowered.

I don't have problems for putting VC tanks because there is no point pursuing high level of historical accuracy when we have a health bar. Less blame to the Edelweiss because it is not unkillable (?). People depicting and expecting WoT to be a WW2/KR war era tank are definitely having too much imagination, worthless ideal. The problems for Nameless are on its stats, may link to powercreep issues but historical accuracy? Since when people believe it is a thing.

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