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Recent wn8, how does it work?

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I used to think that recent wn8 is based on a formula that uses last 1,000 battles. 

Apparently tho, after having multiple sessions that are about 800-1k wn8 higher than my recent, it sometimes goes up 10 points, sometimes it goes down 10 points. Despite having a much higher wn8 session. How to explain this? 

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Your recent is a wn8 calculation using your last 1000 battles. That means having a really good session of say 20 games puts 20 new games into that 1000 battle window but it also pushes out 20 games at the end of that window. So having an awesome 20 game session could push out a really bad 20 game session causing your average to go up by 10 points or it could push out a similar 20 game session causing the recent to not change or it can push out an even better 20 game session causing the wn8 to drop.

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A lot depends on whether the battles you fought almost 1000 battles ago were good ones or not. Your 'new' session results effectively replace sessions from just under 1000 battles ago. If you new sessions were better than those, up it goes; if worse, down.

Edit: Ninja'd! ^

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