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1250 WN8, Green/Teal Recents looking for Tournament Clan

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Hey guys, I'm AGK47. 

As some of you may know (but most wouldn't), I'm a college student who is looking for a new clan to run tournaments with. 

Things I can offer said clan:

-1250 Overall WN8

-~1700 Recent WN8, but ranges from 1600 to 2000

-Decent tank selection (3 Tier X with 4 more researched, many tier VIII's, some tier VI). 

-Looking to improve gameplay

Things I am looking for:

-Decent playerbase and active tournament team 

-Friendly environment

-Not overwhelmingly "ZOMGGGG, USA NUMBER ONE" or really any major tendency to blindly follow delusions of one countries tanks being completely superior whilst presenting no factual evidence. 

-Beer would be appreciated, but seeing as that's not practical, a good sense of humor would work as a substitute. 


Please get back to me with questions in this thread or PM. Sincerely, AGK47. 

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