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How to Platoon while Chat is utterly foobar'd

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So with in-game chat thoroughly taking a dump right now, a friend of mine hit upon how to platoon with peeps outside one's clan.

  1. In the WoT client, click on the "Channels" button (just to the right of the friends list button at the bottom left of the screen)
  2. Select "Create Channel" tab
  3. Enter name and create the channel
  4. Tell friend name of channel.
  5. Friend goes to the Channels button, searches for your channel, and joins it
  6. You right-click on your friend in the channel and enjoy platooning.

It worked well for us this morning, maybe this will help others.

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On EU there is a channel called "forumites". This is always maintained and is a very good source for finding platoon mates outside ones own clan. It sometimes has a password. This is "play4fun".

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