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1800+/54%+ Overall, semi-experienced player looking for SOCIAL clan (No CW) *EDIT* (Nevermind)

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Semi-experienced player (13k battles) with decent game mechanic knowledge and a competitive spirit who isn't looking for the responsibility of Clan Wars and wishing to join a like-minded and similarly-skilled group of people for platoons, strongholds, team battles and even tournaments.


I currently have very few tanks in my garage due to mistakes made in the past, but I am in the process of rebuilding. Favored tiers are 8 and 9, with 6 and 10 coming directly behind.


My recent WN8 and win rate have fallen off the last few weeks. Normally I play at a 2400+/58%+ level.


I guess message me on the forums since this contacts list BS is still going on. :P

*Edit*: Also contact me on Discord: Syko_#2753


*EDIT 6/29/2017*: Have settled with DIMBO. Thanks for the offers though, guys. o7


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Hey Syko

Were probably what you're looking for.

Lots of good players who basically still enjoy the game but dont want to sink too much time into it.

We do SH three times a week and a T10 adv on weekends..but its totally optional.

Lots of folks just do pubs but we all enjoy the team stuff more than random pubs. Personally dont pub anymore but still enjoy SH and T10 Adv so i play 3 times a week for any of our organized play.

We dont care too much about win8 and are more looking for good people who are fun to play with. We have a large win8 spread between 3k folks to 1.5k...again more looking for good people to play with than just pub stars.

If any of this appeals shoot me a pm and well have you out on TS and see if were a good fit for each other.


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