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Looking for quality me me clan

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hey mans poodipee here lookn 4 clan!! I took a hiatus for 1-2 years from WoT, used to be barely unicum FeelsBadMan

I might be back for awhile, especially since it's summer. Definitely will be playing nearly EVERYDAY for the next 1-2 months, at any time. Anyways, I'm up for T8/T10 CW for sure.


i has two tair 10s which is

  • IS-4 (3 and 75% skill crew)
  • Batchat (2 and 80% skill crew) 

Shitty Tier 8 selection

  • Panther 8.8 (2 and 92% crew)
  • T28 Prototype
  • IS-6 (IS-4 crew ofc)
  • All tier 8 lights except Blackdog and WZ-132

Overall/Recent stats are below in sig. (should be)

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