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In short as well as the vehicle rebalances we get arty no longer damaging/stunning through cover (kind of), the Chinese TDs, a 30v30 Grand Battles mode, and HD Bat (plus some lower tiers). Also:

Removed the boosts (a.k.a. ‘mountaingoating’ spots) on following maps:

  • Karelia
  • Steppes
  • Lakeville
  • Abbey
  • Mines
  • Sacred Valley
  • Mountain Pass
  • El Halluf
  • Arctic Circle
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Isn't the chinese TD line horribly balanced?

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9 minutes ago, Archaic_One said:

Swamp and Mines had a babay and named it Nebelburg . . .



Makes a meme worthy map, jack shit on what they'll do to make WGL ES more popular. (Like.... updating Team battles?, remodeling random to me league? Marketing?)



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At last no more getting stun from behind a mountain !! A well deserved nerf to those fuckers. 

SPG Improvements

The work on fine-tuning SPGs didn’t stop with 9.18. The team spent a few months analyzing your feedback and came up with a set of tweaks to improve the experience for players in arty and those fighting them.

The increased splash radius often resulted in confusing instances where you thought you were safe from an enemy SPG, laying low behind cover, but received damage regardless. To alleviate these issues, we refined the stun and damage calculation mechanic, adding an extra set of variable for shooting over obstacles:

  • Don’t worry about arty shells if the construction (destructible or indestructible) you use for cover is two or more meters thick and your tank stays completely hidden behind it. You’re safe there: if an SPG shoots, your tank won’t get stunned or damaged.
  • Tanks hiding behind a fence or a small house that are less than 2m thick will get stunned and receive the same amount of damage they would get if they were in the open.
  • There’s also a third scenario: while cover is thick (2+ meters), a vehicle isn’t fully hidden (think of any corner maneuver). In this case, the stun duration and damage depend directly on how exposed a tank is. Based on the sizes of the visible area, a vehicle can get:
    • 25% of the total damage and stun time
    • 50% of the total damage and stun time
    • 75% of the total damage and stun time
    • 100% of the total damage and stun time
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New Chinese TDs

Nine Chinese TDs are revving their engines, ready to hit the battlefield. Yes, we’re talking about the line that rolled out on Chinese servers a few months ago. We know this is something you’ve been asking for, and we’re excited to make them available for all players. We’ll have more to share on each vehicle as we get closer to release, so stay tuned.

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1 hour ago, WorldConqueror said:

the Chinese TDs,


Oh well,at this point,  might as well do it.

Can't wait fro the Chinese BB line in WoWs.


HD Models

Lastly, another 12 vehicles had their looks revamped in shiny HD:


Churchill III

How the FUCK did it take them so long…

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Last I looked the Chinese tds actually looked like theyd be decent in the current meta... as in they look vastly superior to nearly all of the other turretless tds in their tiers. 


The tier 8 and 9 premiums that are still unannounced for these servers are much more powerful still.

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32 minutes ago, WorldConqueror said:



according to that the climbs on the maps edited into the OP are gone too. And you can earn bonds in grand battles and tier 10 only randoms.

CN server exclusive:

  • Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) (oh look, more fake news…)

holy fuck...

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10 minutes ago, Tupinambis said:

CN server exclusive:

  • Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) (oh look, more fake news…)

holy fuck...

Yeah, let's hope it says there. Also interesting they didn't get the climbs on Westfield or Serene Coast.

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12 minutes ago, WorldConqueror said:

Yeah, let's hope it says there. Also interesting they didn't get the climbs on Westfield or Serene Coast.

or Fjords.  Though honestly I don't think the fjords climbs are game breaking like the ones on Mines and Sacred Valley are.

I'm very glad to see they canceled the BC 25t nerfs.  I guess Straik must have dialed in on his Cypress hotline.

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So they find the time to fiddle with climbinb-spots on 9 different maps, but they can not find the time to break the camps on Mountain Pass. Unbefuckinglievable. What the flying fuck is the map departement even doing?!

P.S.: I am now at a point, where I would actually welcome the WTE100 back into the game. Whenever I see a Mauscamp on Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg and Mountain Pass, I wish my clan could just field 15 WTE100s and roast these fucking *beeeeeeep* in their fucking base.

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Glad the bat is left alone

As to the IS7, I see they make mention of hp and gun handling buffs to IS-7.  What of the speed?  Is this just a poorly written article or is there anything to indicate that the speed buffs are not going to be implemented?

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2 hours ago, hall0 said:

Anyone already checked if they nerfed/buffed the stats of those TDs compared to the old leaks?



But so far I only checked the T6 and T8-10 tanks.

I’m a bit confused that on the official Website the stats in the “Main Technical Characteristics” window differ from the stats in the module descriptions. As a result, I took the stats from the modules as a point of reference.

As a general trend, the higher tier tds became slower and less mobile but got punchier guns (even though the dpm got nerfed on pretty much every tank)  

# T6: WZ -131G FT – lost his 122mm top gun but got a buff on turning-speed

Weight limit: 23 (?)
Top- / reverse-speed: 50/18 (50/18)
hull traverse: 45 (36)

pen: 181/241/50 (175/250/61)
alpha: 250/250/330 (390/390/530)
rof: 7,5 (5,2)
dpm: 1875 (2033)
acc: 0,36 (0,412)
aim-time: 2 (2,78)

# T8:  WZ-111-1 FT  - small overall nerfs

weight limit: 53 (44,5)
engine: 600 (600)
top / reverse speed: 35/18 (47/18)
hull traverse: 25 (21)

pen: 271/340/65 (271/340/65)
alpha: 560/560/660 (560/560/660)
rof: 4,29 (4,469)
dpm: 2400 (2503)
acc: 0,36 (0,345)
aim-time: 2,8 (2,4)

# T9: got replaced by the WZ-111G FT (?)

- Worse mobility, but received a punchier gun

weight limit: 53 (39)
engine : 600hp (520hp)
top / reverse speed 35 / 16 (47/20)
hull traverse: 25 (38)

pen: 290/395/90 (262/340/65)
alpha: 750/750/1100 (560/560/660)
rof: 3,33 (5)
dpm: 2500 (2944)
acc: 0,4 (0,37)
aim-time: 2,5 (3)

#T10: WZ-113G FT – heavier, engine-nerf and a slight gun-handling nerf

weight limit: 60 (49)
engine: 650 (750)
top / reverse speed 38/16 (38/16)
hull traverse: 30 (28)

pen: 290/395/90 (290/395/90)
alpha: 750/750/1100 (750/750/1100)
rof: 3,53 (3,617)
dpm: 2647 (2713)
acc: 0,38 (0,38)
aim-time: 2,5 (2,21)


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I need to see the armor model of tier 10, but it does not seem like very good tank. 

Significantly slower 268 with worse DPM and gun stats but more health, view range, depression and probably more armor? Bleh, 268 after buffs is lot better and even still 268 wont be amazing.

This is probably most unhype new tank branch that ever has been added (if you exclude arta ofc).

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8 minutes ago, BlackAdder said:

Suck dick STRV. 

Finally, this is patched. 

On one side it makes me sad since I only learned most of the harder boosts. On the other I'm happy I didn't grind the swedes since now there is no reason to

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I was more interested about the "Grand Battle" (30vs30 mode) rewards



Prizes, achievements, and statistics:

  • In Grand Battles AND X tier ONLY Random Battles you’ll be able to get Bonds.
  • Bonds are XP dependent
  • You can do personal and daily missions in this mode, thus being eligible to their rewards.
  • Marks of Excellence and Mastery Badges can be earned in Grand Battle
  • Grand Battle stats are independent from Random Battle stats
  • Stats from Grand Battle will have their own spot in the dossier, both general and per-vehicle



So in short: You'll get bonds, can grind MoE's and apparently also do personal missions?

First, doesn't some personal missions now considered "hard" to do get really easy since there's 2x the tanks running around? Like TD15 (8k dmg) and LT15 (cant remember exact requirement) etc etc seem to get extremely easy if it comes like this. Second thing, how hard is this gonna screw up MoE's? Obviously the "extreme" games are gonna get even more extreme. Now I'm not too familiar with how MoE's work but werent they based somehow on the top results of players? If it indeed was like that, getting that "top" result would be way easier in 30vs30 thus making it impossible to grind MoE's in 15vs15 normal randoms (Because not enough HP available)?


Edit: A thought related to MoE's:

Since the article also has this line "Stats from Grand Battle will have their own spot in the dossier, both general and per-vehicle" could it mean there will be own separated MoE's for 30vs30 games along with other stats? Personally I doubt it, but we'll see.

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