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2 vs 3 man platoons, MM and full platoon play style

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So there's a MM balancing mechanism that has to do with platoons, correct? The game tries to "balance" teams by matching the number of platoons on each side, or something like that. Also it impacts the top tiers. For example, it is near impossible to get a 3/5/7 match with a platoon of three Tier 10s, or to be top tier @ T8 with a platoon of three - at least in my experience. 

Here's what seems weird to me, since the MM changes: if I platoon with one friend who is 2k+ WN8 with a corresponding WR and we run carry tanks, we do well and win more often than not. However when we add a 3rd that is around the same level but is not purple, things get worse rather than better. We see nothing but all tier X teams, and seemingly get the shit team more often than not. I've loosely kept track of my win streaks with platoons of 2 versus 3, and there is enough disparity in WR to say that either the MM becomes harsher, or we just don't know how to utilize a platoon of three. Has anyone else noticed anything like this? 

I'd like to know how the high WR players like to play in full platoons. Do you tend to lone wolf it, split 2 and 1 to different flanks, or prefer to go 3 abreast to one direction? I realize this depends case by case on the map, the tanks you brought, and what the team does but if there's any general advice in this area you can provide I'd appreciate it. Essentially I'd like to hear what in your experience leads to the best WR with a full platoon, and if it sounds crazy that WR can decrease when adding another player of reasonable skill who is on TS, listens and cooperates. 


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I see, well I hope it's just a fluke illusion. 

Although one real aspect of it is getting distracted due to shooting the proverbial shit. I'm more focused solo, but with three people the chances of us talking about Hillary Clinton and upcoming buffs in the next patch rise exponentially. I do need to focus to do well, I'm not one of those players that can autopilot through a match with his eyes closed and get 5k dmg like some of you! :P


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Mm works against platoons, placing them (if possible) at the middle or bottom of the list.

So if you platoon 3x tier 8, regardless of players stats, you'll mostly get into a 3-5-7 tier 10 game.

This happens a lot even with 2x tier 8, but you get into 5-10 games in t9 more often.

With tier 10 platoons: mm tries to screw you over putting you and your comrades into full tier 10 matches, but you'll also see the occasional 3-5-7 (and yeah, it's a farm fiesta)

tier 9s are the ones that suffer the least from platooning, they'll mostly end up in 3-5-7 t10 or in 5-10 t10.. And that's not a big deal since tier 9s are really strong atm (e50+m46+t54 and you'll pretty much have a 80%+wr)..

Same goes for tier 7s, they often meet tier 8s and that's ok..

As a rule of thumb you don't really want to platoon tier 8s and 6s, they're the tiers that suffer the most from the new mm (the former see all the retarded superheavies, the latter see all the new premiums)


and as always, pick tanks that can carry, I know it kills the purpose of having many lines to grind, but that's how the game works at its current state and you either adapt or switch to another game.


(Played a few t8 toons yesterday and I mainly played tanks that have some carry potential, Lowe and 416, at least they can pen a type 5 or a maus)

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If you run a 3 man platoon, a top tier game only happens when ALL of you are top tier AND they have a platoon to balance it out... Pretty hard to find. 

If you run alone or in a 2 man platoon, MM has room to put you towards the top or middle more without going "yo, we can't find a platoon to balance you out." 

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I probably suffer from low sample size confirmation bias as well, but platooned tier 10's for a few hours the other night and the teams were absolutely shocking.

Like around 4-5 tier 10's doing 0 damage every game and the rest not getting more than 2 shots in. And this for a good few hours!!

My solo WR was actually a bit better just before the platoon session..

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Yeah, as much as we dads like our 3-toons, we've found a lot more enjoyment 2-tooning lately.  If we are in platoons, we pretty much avoid tier 8 like the plague.

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On 7/28/2017 at 6:37 PM, Gr1nch_1 said:

Conformation bias

Confirmation bias your view on Confirmation bias, which is confirmed by my Confirmation bias.  Have I express my hatred for this over used dismissive term!


On a side note I think the OP has Confirmation bias and the sample size is too damn small!

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