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What Brit Heavy Tank needs a 4+ skill crew more? Conqueror or FV215b

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I finally unlocked the Conqueror.  Thank goodness.  The grind to it was utterly painful in this day and age of power creep.

I'm trying to plan on what to do with crews for when I have the FV215b unlocked.  Right now I have a 3.5 skill crew in the Conqueror and I plan on getting/keeping both the tier 9 and 10 in the line.  Question is, which one benefits or needs a 4+ skilled crew more?  Obviously they both would, but if you had to choose, which could perform almost as well with a 2 or 3 skill crew?

For the second tank, I'll have to train a crew from the ground up.  I'll probably use the FV201 to do the training to help speed it up. 

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So the question here is if you'll end up liking FV215b or not. It's a personal favourite of mine as the gun is easily the best in the entire game but a lot of people struggle with the rear turreted and low armoured platform. I'd suggest you try it out before deciding that. 

Conqueror is a lot easier to play and should be a bit nicer for people who aren't at the absolute top of their game. Then again, FV215b is so good once you get the hang of it. Decide which one you'll end up playing more I guess, put the better crew in there.

Otherwise I'd just recommend putting the crew in the T10 because where the playerbase is the most competitive is where you'll want your skills the most. 


Some small pointers as well:

  • Conq gets ammoracked A LOT, playing this without safe stowage means your DPG/WR is going to drop outside of the basic Rep/BiA skills
  • FV215b gets set on fire a lot, if either of your crew has firefighting - put in it in the FV. Frontal engine along with fuel tanks on the side mean basically any shot you take into your hull could set you on fire. (I really suggest you play it with food to get that gloriously good gun handling to even better levels, so FF is a must in that case)
  • Both tanks don't really need the gun improvement skills since the guns will hit close to all shots anyway, but there are skills they really need: Repairs (goes without saying, FV getting detracked without rep is a dead FV and Conq suffers the same thing where the drivewheel pen is a large area that is super easy to hit), BiA (gets final accuracy down, you don't really need the DPM or VR increase but the final accuracy will help way more than the bloom will for example - combine it with food)

All in all you need a minimum of 3 skills on either of these tanks to not be held back by your crew. Stuff like VR, camo and gunnery skills are good to have but not really needed. Once you do get to the point where you have 3-4 skills I actually suggest getting camo first since the FV215b might find itself redlining once in a while, and having some comfort in not getting spotted at 445m will be useful


Conq: Rep-> BiA-> Sixth Sense+Snapshot+Smooth Ride+Safe Stowage->Firefighting (obviously sixth sense with first set of repairs)

FV215b: Rep+Sixth->BiA->Firefighting->Camo->Gun stuff + VR stuff

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That's great feedback yung.  Especially the small pointers.  I may examine what skills I have for the crew.  Fairly sure I have safe stowage, but I definitely don't have firefighting. 

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